Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Goal Post

The Goal Post

I skipped my goal post last week.  What a way to make my goals!  Seriously though, it was Thanksgiving.  I had other things on my mind, like eating and cooking, and spending some quality time with my family.

I did so-so on my goals last week.  Here's the update:
  • Work on My Novel: I didn't.  I pulled it up and edited it a little bit, but I simply ran out of time to write.  The kids had play dates.  We went to the movies.  We cooked and ate, and we spent some time playing at our neighbors' house.  These things took precedence this week over writing. 

  • Run 1.25 miles: I did more than 1.25 miles three times.! I made 1.34 miles one day and 1.50 miles the next.  I also had a day where my RunKeeper did not track right, and I'm fairly certain I made about 1.34 miles that day.  The day I ran 1.50 miles was amazing.  The running came so easily, and I felt incredible. 

  • Patience and Control: I did a better job this week with the kids.  I controlled my temper, and I allowed the kids to be kids.  We did a fun craft together, and we went hiking.  Overall, the atmosphere was rather pleasant in the house!

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  • Run 1.75 miles: I think I can do this.  I did not run this morning, because I had a splitting headache, but we'll start towards this goal tomorrow morning.  I'm almost to my 2.0 mile goal.

  • Work on My Novel: Yes, I intend to pull it up and write a little bit this week.  I've been a bookworm lately, reading everything I can get my hands on to get a better grasp of dialogue and general plot design.  I need to take some of what I've learned and put it into my book.
That's it for this week.  I have some fairly important things going on, and I'm not sure if having three goals this week will be realistic.  So two it is!

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