Friday, November 2, 2012

Thoughts on Writing

Thoughts on Writing


DJ Lance is the background noise to my creative juices this morning.  Darling Daughter decided 4:30 AM was as good a time as any to start her day.  She loves Yo Gabba Gabba.  I don't mind it.  I wonder if I should be writing a children's book, instead of attempting a novel.

I've realized a few things about novel writing this week. 
  • I have too many ideas in my head.  I've started a novel.  I've worked on editing it. I've worked on writing it.  My characters are leading their own lives, moving in the way they are supposed to lead me, the author.  As the ideas are flowing, other ideas for books fill my mind.  When my mind is creating it doesn't want to stop.  I think this is why I have a problem with completion.  I start one story, then I move on when a "better" idea hits me. 

  • I really need an editor, but I can't afford one.  I have a tendency to be a perfectionist.  This is not good. I keep going back and making changes, and I don't make progress.  I need to set certain days to write and certain days to edit, so I can make progress.  And eventually...I need to have an editor.

  • I need to attend some creative writing classes or seminars.  I need to meet other creative writers and discuss struggles in getting published (very hard to do right now) and editing and character development and dialogue and so on...

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