Monday, November 26, 2012

Crafty Kids: Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This weekend, Hubby and I took the kids hiking and along the way we picked up three pine cones: one big, one medium and one small, just like our kids. (Oh and in case you're wondering, that's where Number Two fell and hit his lip.  You can see the result of his klutziness in many of the following photos).  

I decided it would be fun to make pine cone Christmas trees.  I went searching the world on my lunch break today for little tiny pom poms to make the ornaments.  Of course, as is my nature, I went a little crazy and ended up buying a ton of things for the kids to decorate their crafts. 

The kids begin decorating their trees -- Dad helps.

Number Two is hard at work decorating his tree.

Darling Daughter is quite fond of the glitter.

Number One was having a great time adding color to his tree.

Number Two made a "star" out of two big pom poms.

Darling Daughter putting the finishing touches on her tree.

Mommy even got in on the fun.  I made a star to go on Number One's tree.

Number One's finished Product.
I bought, from the Dollar General, little wrapped presents to put under the pine cone trees.  I put these, along with some tinsel in the bottom of a silver dish, and then arranged the Christmas trees in the middle to give the table a holiday centerpiece, with the help of my kids!
And an abstract view from above, showing all the glitter:
Materials Used:
  • Pine Cones
  • Glitter -- multi colored
  • Pom Poms -- multi sized (I actually bought a value set that had the pipe cleaners in them too)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Glue -- I used Elmer's Clear glue
  • Gold and Silver Tinsel
  • Little Wrapper Present Ornaments -- if making a centerpiece.
I found the pine cones in the  I bought the majority of the supplies from the Dollar Tree or Dollar  I had to buy the pom poms from Michael's...not-so-cheap.  An hour of fun holiday craft time with the kids...priceless.

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  1. I love this idea! What I love most is that it allows the kids creative freedom. None of that "apply this here and that there" stress! Thanks!


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