Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Silence

Wow, I haven't blogged in a week.  Last week was tumultuous for me, and I just had a ton going on.  Plus, I was sucked into reading some smutty books that I absolutely loved, and I could not put down!  Fifty Shades of Grey!  Yes, I know, hardly literature, but still a good story.  I need to get book number three from my friend tonight, so I can move on with my life!

Last week, Son Number One was having a hard time being organized at school.  His teacher said he didn't fill in his notebook for a whole week, and when she asked him why, he said it was "lost."  She opened his desk, and it was the very first thing in there.  That's my kid! This week, he is trying to be the star student, so he's not letting anything get in his way.  He's growing up, and first grade will be over before I know it.

We spent the whole weekend swimming at my Mom's house, and he fell asleep at Ixtapa (our favorite Mexican restaurant) afterwards, and then in the car on Saturday night.  He's still fighting the exhaustion of a weekend of fun and sun. His cousins came to swim on Monday, and we had a wonderful cookout.  My Mom and Dad grew these amazing fairy tale eggplant in their garden.  We grilled them, and they just melted in your mouth.  Absolutely delicious.  There is nothing like fresh, organic vegetables! 

My niece was putting faux hawks in everyone's hair, and she did this to Caden.  I think he looks like a Who, and I wish I'd had her here for Whoville Hair Day!

Number Two has also had a busy few weeks.  He was able to have his teeth fixed, from where he fell on the bleachers in March.  He had to have "nerve treatment," which is just a really nice way of saying a root canal!  His teeth are no longer blackish looking, which is fantastic. 

He also graduated from the Early Pre-K program at his daycare.  He's changing schools last year, so I was glad they did a little ceremony at the school.  He sang songs, and he really shook his stuff, but unfortunately he was behind another kid the whole time, so the video did not turn out great.  Here's a wonderful photo of Number Two with his dad from his graduation!

Number Two has also, diligently, been learning how to swim.  We invested in five private lessons, but he is still scared to death of the water IF he doesn't have his floaties on.  He actually jumped in with the floatie on this weekend, and swam around the whole pool all weekend on, so that is progress as he used to be scared just to put a toe in the water. We want him to be comfortable by the time we go to the beach in July.  He's getting there, slowly but surely.

Darling Daughter turned two!  I can hardly believe it.  She's growing up so quickly.  She is starting to talk a lot, but her speech is a little delayed from the hearing problems associated with her ears pre-tubes. 

We grilled-out with friends and my parents for her birthday and had a wonderful time.  She also is starting to do a little bit better with our friends, although she is still unusually clingy to me.  We had breakthrough this weekend, when she let my niece hold her and play with her in the pool.  I even have photographic evidence:

I also took Darling Daughter to buy new shoes.  I bought her purple Keen sandals.  I absolutely LOVE the way they look on her.  I was surprised she wore a size 8!  She apparently is going to have HUGE feet, like one of her aunts!  She had her 2 year appointment yesterday, and she weighed 25.5 pounds (about 30th percentile) and was 34 inches (55th-60th percentile).  She is growing like a weed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goal Post May 23, 2012

I am sore today, and not in the "feel so good," way! I pushed myself, and I went to TKD last night because I knew they'd have a little break this weekend with the holiday.  I wanted to make sure to fit in my workouts. I probably shouldn't have, because I was tired, in a bad mood, and still super sore from the workout from Monday.  My body was screaming for a break, and alas I have one for a few days!

The next few days are all about endings and new beginnings.  I rotated off the PTA board, and for that I'm excited.  I overextended myself.  I have recently comes to terms with something, although I feel like I'm a pretty laid back person, I can definitely be Type A.  Joining PTA was that way for me.  I joined, because I thought I could do the best job, and because I thought I needed to join for the kids.  In the end, I only felt overextended and I couldn't give it enough time, so I'm glad someone else will be able to give it their full attention next year.

Son Number One performed in a little program yesterday at the last PTA meeting.  He sang a cute ABC song and "You are My Sunshine."  I stared at him, willing myself to believe he is now moving uup to the second grade.  Only two more weeks of first grade left.  My baby is growing up.

This week has felt overwhelming to me, but I want to focus on the positivity of my goals. 

My goals last week were:

  • Clean the upstairs bathrooms: This just didn't get done.  I cleaned the upstairs a bit, the downstairs, and the downstairs bathrooms.  I absolutely HAVE to move this to my list for this week, and fortunately we have nothing on our agenda for the long Memorial Day weekend, so I'll have plenty of time to clean.
  • Blog Two Times: I was able to achieve this.  I focused some of my energy last week on blogging and reading, and celebrating my birthday with my awesome friends and family.
  • Lose 1 Pound: I lost SIX pounds last week!  SIX!!!  I've lost 38 pounds so far.  I still want to lose about 20 more.  I'm so proud of my hard work.  I'm finally getting to the point where I can see it's totally paying off.
Goals this week:
  • Establish Clear Cut Rules for the Kids and Post Them: I've been thinking about this a lot.  Son Number One thinks he has no limits, and Son Number Two at age 4 is starting to follow his example.  Hubby and I are going to post some rules in the house and make sure they are observed.  We're going to reward with positive reinforcement and have consequences when they are not followed.  We're thinking about doing a point system again, if I can follow through.
  • Write Every Day: I've been reading and not writing as much, but the truth is I feel better when I write.  I don't think I'm EVER going to be a great author, although maybe I'm slighting myself by saying that.  I think I have a habit of looking at the big picture, instead of the details, and I think true writers are detail oriented.  Still, I need to work on my story, and try to go about getting it published. 
  • Lose Two Pounds: I'd really like to lose two pounds this week, so I can be at 40 pounds lost!  I think that's an awesome goal, and I'd be so proud of myself!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Darling Daughter!

Today you, my sweet girl, turn two.  You are sugar and spice and everything nice mixed with a little bit of snakes, and snail and puppy dog tails.  You are all eyes with a little bit of blond hair.  You are fiercely attached to me, your father and your grandparents.

On the day you were born, I sat in the hospital watching "Weeds," and wading through the pitocin contractions for you to come.  I finally decided I was ready for an epidural, but you had other plans.  The nurses scrambled, looking for a doctor on the floor, but one was not there.  Finally, they found a midwife, who rushed into the room, scrubbing up.  After four pushes, you took your first breath in this world. You weighed 7 lbs 4 ounces and only 18 1/2 inches long.  The nurse placed you on my belly, and you blinked up at me with darkish blue eyes, and I cried.  I couldn't believe how small and beautiful you were.  Your little head fit in the palm of my hand.

For the first few months you were home, I could not believe you were a little girl.  I would pick out your outfits, and I would stare in wonder at you.  From day one, you went with the flow though.  You were content to take naps in the car, change your schedule on a whim, and go with the flow as I drove your brother around everywhere for his summer break.  People used to think you were a doll when I would carry you in my arms.

You nursed well, loved your pacifier, and became quickly attached to your blanket like your mother and your brother before you.  You learned how to smile, and we learned how to melt.  You sat up around seven months old, all the better to see the world.  At your baptism, you could barely stay awake, but afterwards we snapped some photos of you, and you look like a little cherub with chubby little cheeks.

You crawled around nine months, but have always been content to crawl close to me.  When you started walking, you held onto my pinkie finger with your little hand, so you could remain close to me.  When Son Number One walked into the room, your bright blue eyes always lit up.  He would hold you close, and you would look up at him like he could do no wrong.  There's a little more sibling rivalry with Son Number Two, but now you are learning how to play with him!

On your first birthday, you were so tired and unhappy.  We brought out the cake, and you simultaneously dipped your fingers into the frosting, licking your fingers, and crying and then smiling.  You didn't know how to react, overwhelmed by all the people in the house, and the exhaustion taking over your small body.

And then the year seemed to fly by.  You started walking.  We were worried about your talking.  You could say a few words, but they were garbled up a bit.  We made an appointment, and realized you needed tubes.  We took you to the surgery center, and even though I knew the surgery was so minor, it was hard to hand you over.  You screamed and cried, as I handed you to the nurse, but within thirty minutes you were back, safe in my arms.  My sunshine...

After the tubes, you started talking more.  And now, you can talk in full sentences.  Your favorite sentence is, "More, Mommy, please!"  You are a big eater and will try everything.  You try to keep up with your brothers, every day, running after them, tackling them, giving them sweet baby kisses.

You have a lot of stranger anxiety, but over the last few days I've seen you open up more to some of the people who have been constants in your live.  You know exactly what you want, and despite LOVING to sit on Mommy's lap every day, you can be completely independent.  If someone takes something you want, you have no fear of having a huge tantrum on the floor, and then once you get what you want, you wipe the tears from your eyes, take it, and act like nothing has happened.

You will always be my sweet baby.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful, two year old girl!  I love you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday, I picked up the kids from school.  Just Son Number One and Darling Daughter, as Number Two had swimming lessons.

Son Number One hopped in the car, all gangly legs and arms, and no ounce of baby fat on him anymore.  Brief thought ran across my mind, "He's growing up and looking so big." 

He slumped into his seat and lay his head back.  He looked tired, after a busy day at school, and then running at the playground at his after school program.

I started asking about his day, and I received unenthusiastic answers.  Then suddenly he sat up and perked up, looking at me with his bright bluish green eyes.

"Mommy, where does the biggest frog in the world live?"

I looked back at my curly-headed boy in the rear view mirror and said, "I'm not sure."

He smiled a big smile, "In AFRICA!"

I smiled. 

"What's the biggest frogs' name?  Here's a hint, Mom, it starts with a 'G'."

"Hmmm...I don't know.  Guyana Frog?"  I ask.

"No!  It's the Goliath Frog."

He muses for a second, amazed that he knows more than me.  Then he says suddenly, "Ok, this is an EASY one Mom.  I know you can get it.  What's the smallest frog?"

I wrack my brain, looking for the answer.  "I have no idea, sweetheart!"

"Oh Mom.  You know this.  The poison dart frog!"

"Duh!" I say.

Great, I'm being schooled by a seven and a half year old!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camping Trip!

This past weekend, we took the kids camping.  I had a little help, because one of our friends came in from Washington D.C., which seriously could not have been better timing.  Plus, he loves hiking and camping, so it was wonderful to have him there since Hubby is still recovering from his torn Achilles tendon.

We went up to Cheaha State Park, which is home to the highest point in Alabama.  The first day, we arrived and set up camp, played, but didn't hike.  Number One is such an outdoors kid, and he felt at home playing outside all day!

Number Two and Darling Daughter were enjoying themselves too:

As an added bonus, you can just barely see the "potato person," Liam had drawn on his hand that morning!

That night, I went to bed with Darling Daughter somewhat early.  She was not too fond of tent sleeping.  She tossed and turned in the tent all night, often sitting up and whining.  The boys slept great in their sleeping bags, but Darling Daughter felt claustrophobic in hers and kept kicking it off.  I think the fact the temperature dropped (probably into the 50s over night), and it became windy and rained a bit didn't help Darling Daughter to feel comfortable either.  At about 3 PM, I had to go to the bathroom, and guess who tagged along with me?  Needless to say, all weekend I got my exercise holding her on my hip!

We up early the next morning (thanks boys!), and sat around with our sweaters and coats on waiting for Hubby and his friend to wake up and make the fire.  Finally the boys were so hungry, that I sent them in the mens' tent to wake them up! 

Herb started the campfire, while Hubby threw bacon the grill.  Then Herb, the kids, and I headed to the little store at the bottom of the mountain to buy eggs.  While there, we bought hot boiled peanuts, only they were HOT as in spicy, boiled peanuts.  They were fantastic!  I had never had them that way before.  YUM-O.

We had our breakfast of champions: bacon, eggs, and peanuts, all protein, and then we sat around for a few minutes before deciding to go hiking.  The kids were running around and playing in the car prior to this, so it was definitely time to make our way!

A co-worker let me borrow his hiking backpack, and that helped with Darling Daughter.  Here she is the first time I put her in:

She wasn't happy at first, but she did get used to it, and she generally liked it when we were hiking.

We hiked the Bald Rock trail first.  This trail has a boardwalk, but also has a woods trail on the side.  Herb took the Woods Trail down to Bald Rock, while Hubby, the kids and me walked down to Bald Rock on the Board Walk.

When we reached the end, Herb was sitting out on the rock.  You can climb down to it.  Son Number One, always the daredevil, BEGGED to go down there so I let him.  He climbed up the face of the rock that led up to the boardwalk (not down to the valley!). 

I had to have Herb take a photo of me and the family with me BALD at Bald Rock.  I find this photo so funny, because a) I'm bald, b) Hubby still has his boot on from his Achilles tendon tear and c) Son Number Two has his finger jammed as far up his nose as it will go:

After Bald Rock, we decided to go to the highest point in Alabama, which happens to be on Cheaha Mountain too.  We drove up there, and there was a little building built during the Depression.  There were metal stairs all the way up to the top, and we had fun walking up there.  Hubby even made it, slowly but surely up and down the stairs.

At the bottom of this building was a little wooded area with some great rocks for the kids.  Number Two had wonderful fun with Herb.  He LOVED imitating him, and they had the same dance style.  I just love this photo of these two kindred spirits!

After this, we went back to the campsite so Darling Daughter could take a little nap.  She did take a very short nap, and then we were up and snacking by the campfire.  The kids LOVED the trail mix, or should I say they LOVED the M&Ms in the trail mix! ;-)

We decided to take the boys on another hike, and we left Hubby with Darling Daughter.  (She was screaming when we left, because like I said earlier she is entirely attached to my hip).  We went down to the Pulpit Rock Trail, and unfortunately I left my camera in the car this time.  Herb and Son Number One walked ahead, and I helped Son Number Two down the steep hill at the trail head.  We walked through the woods, admiring a tree that looked like a pig, and we finally made it out into the opening where Pulpit Rock is.

Son Number One had ran ahead of us, and I came to the tip of the rock, and I didn't see him anywhere.  I said, "Oh my God, Herb, you have to find him."  My heart was beating so fast.  Herb walked down the side of the rock, and found Number One down there.  He came up with him and said, "It's ok, Lauren, I have him." 

But, my acrophobia had set in, and I was in full blown panic attack mode, just certain that Number One with his mad energy and craziness was going to plummet 2100 feet to his death.  I had to sit down on the edge of the rock.  I put my head down, as my heart beat faster and faster.  Herb said, "It's ok, Lauren.  There's only a 10 foot drop to the next rock.  He can't go over there by the tree, because there IS nothing under that rock."  My heart was still beating, as Number Two tried to run up the rock face to Herb, but I wouldn't let him.

I said, "Herb, will you let Number One play over here, and I'll talk Number Two over here to play on the rocks in the woods?"

"Sure he said." 

I was so nervous, and I didn't want to put my anxiety onto Number One so I thought it best to remove myself from the situation so he could enjoy himself, or die without me watching.  Yes, this is what a stupid phobia will do to you!

Oh, and since I don't have a photo of my own, I've included a link to someone else's photo of where Son Number One was acting like a mountain goat.

After about 15 minutes, Herb brought Son Number One back over and we took the trail back to the car. 

Herb said that Son Number One is like a mountain goat.  He said he seemed to know exactly where to place his feet, and he has fantastic balance.  He told me I should get him enrolled in mountain climbing classes, so he can do it safely.  One thing is for sure, Number One has ALWAYS liked to climb, and he certainly does not share my fear of heights.

The rest of the afternoon we spent hanging around the campsite.  We went to bed super early, because we had to break camp at 2 AM to take Herb to the airport.  We did this in the pouring rain, and then drove down the mountain going about 10 miles per hour in the fog, but we eventually made it to the airport and said farewell to our friend.

What a wonderful, refreshing weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Goal Post: May 15, 2012

Today is my birthday.  This year is just flying by, as have all thirty-three other years of my life.  I read an article recently that 33 is supposed to be the best year of your life.  Let's see if I can make THIS the best year of my life! 

I don't have a photo of me as a newborn (my parents still have those), but here I am as a baby looking a whole lot like darling daughter (oh, and with hair!):

Aww--wasn't I cute?

But today is goal post Tuesday, and what a GREAT day to set some goals.  There's nothing like looking at your life just as one year has passed and another one is spreading out before you. 

Goals for last week were:

  • Complete Wayback Wednesday post: This was completed on Thursday!  Yeah, I'm so proud of myself.  I haven't had as much time to blog lately, because I've been super busy in every aspect of my life. 
  • 50 Crunches a Night: Boo.  I didn't accomplish this goal.  We did about 200 crunches or something crazy like that at TKD on Thursday night.  Then I went camping, so I had some exercise there!  I'll work on crunches this week, especially those darn V things that are the death of me!
I didn't set many goals last week, because I knew our friend was coming in town to go camping with us and there wasn't a whole lot of time to accomplish things.  Here are my goals for this week:

  • Clean the bathrooms upstairs: I generally try to avoid looking at the upstairs, because the boys keep it such a mess.  I went into their bathroom the other day and it reeked.  GROSS!  Who wants that?  I need to put these bathrooms on a cleaning schedule, like I do with the bathrooms downstairs.
  • Lose 1 pound: After having a few rest days from TKD, I fell off my plateau and lost two pounds!  I didn't even have that as a goal last week, because I'd been stuck on the plateau for so long.  So, my goal this week is to lose another pound.  I do believe my body needs a couple of rest days in between the workouts, and I've worked these into my schedule for now.
  • Blog for two more days this week: I'm trying to get back into a blog routine.  I don't know why this is so hard for me lately.  I've been reading a lot more, and just had other things to do in the evenings and morning, so blogging has not been coming as naturally. I've already started a post about our little camping trip this past weekend, however, so there will definitely be one more post to come!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Machu Picchu

I promised a Wayback Wednesday post this week, and I didn't really make the cut.  So here's a Throwback Thursday post.  Enjoy!

In 1999, I was studying abroad in Argentina.  Since we were in South America, a group of us decided we would travel.  The study abroad program we were in was fairly lenient, and allowed us to take a week off from classes to do this.  They wanted us to enjoy our trip to South America and experience more. 

A group of us decided to travel to Machu Picchu in Peru.  I'd been to Peru before, when I was in high school.  I loved the people, the food, etc. so I was super excited to go back. I traveled with a group of four other students from my program.  We flew from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia first.  La Paz arranged their flights so you had to stay at least twenty-four hours, requiring payment of a "tourist" tax on the way out of the country.

La Paz is shaped like a giant bowl.  Flying in, our plane landed at the top of the bowl, and it was snowing. According to Wikipedia, La Paz is 11,195 ft. above sea level, but the altitude varies as the city is built upon hills.  We traveled down (literally) into the heart of the city and watched the snow turn into rain as we arrived at our hotel.

We stayed in a large hotel, which seemed more like a dorm.  I didn't have a great impression of the city, but we didn't stay long.  The city seemed dirty, and the area of town we were staying in did not have very many activities for us to do.  We ate at McDonald's, and I ate an avocado burger.  I remember thinking it was genius!  One of my traveling partners, Jeff, became ill the night in La Paz and spent much of the night in his room, most likely due to altitude sickness.

The next day, we went to the airport to fly to Cusco, Peru.  We were surprised by the tourist tax, because we had no inkling that we'd have to pay $25 to leave the country.  We also were searched, although luckily not stripped searched, in private stalls at the airport.  A lady took us into a stall, pulled the curtain closed, and patted us down for weapons.  Luckily, none of us were stupid enough to bring any weapons, so we were free to board the plane.

Flying to Cusco, I was reading the Celestine Prophecy, a book about new age spirituality, in which the protagonist travels to Peru and Machu Picchu.  I had randomly brought the book with me to Argentina.  While the writing style was not great, Redfield has some interesting thoughts on spirituality, and I thought it was beyond coincidental that I was reading the book at that very moment.

When we arrived in Cusco, a man met us at the airport telling us he was to take us back to our hotel.  We weren't sure if he was our escort or not (scary!), but we went with him anyway, and sure enough he took us to the right place.  At the hotel, we were given coca tea to attempt to alleviate any altitude sickness problems.  This tea is made from the coca plant, which is also used to make cocaine.  Well, apparently by this time my body was sick of the altitude, and I became ill.  In fact, I thought I would die.  I went through a huge pack of crackers and some soda.  One of my friends, lovingly, read to me from her touring book about how you could die from altitude sickness. 

I managed to make it to the ruins at Saqsayhuaman (jokingly called Sexy Woman by Americans), but after that I was holed up in my room for the rest of our stay in Cusco, while my friends enjoyed touring around.

The two photos I took in Cusco.  That llama kept trying to spit on me!

The next day we woke up, and I felt a little bit better.  We decided we would take a helicopter to Aguas Calientes, the little town at the base of Machu Picchu, and then take the train back later that night.

The helicopter tour was incredible.  We saw a lot of the countryside in Peru.  Choosing to travel this way brought a whole new dimension to the trip.
View from the helicopter.

Arriving at Aguas Calientes.
When we arrived in Aguas Calientes, we were told we could eat and shop a little bit at the street vendors before we boarded our bus to the top of Machu Picchu.  We walked around the dirty little town were accosted every few minutes by children (and occasionally adults) trying to sell us something.

When it was time to go we all boarded a small bus.  The bus began heading up a one lane road on a mountain.  This was a one lane road, but the driver insisted it was two lanes, and every time a bus came down, he would veer our bus to the cliff side of the mountainous road (no guardrails), and we would continue up.  Thanks to my fear of heights, I spent the majority of the ride in the middle seat, close to my friends, with my eyes closed!

Once we reached the top, the bus driver gave us instructions on when we needed to be back, and we went into the park.  The site of the green mountains was breathtaking. According to Wikipedia, Machu Picchu is still a mystery, because when it was brought to the attention of the outside world in 1911 it had long since been abandoned by the native Incans.  The Spanish did not know of the site during the Inquisition, so it is considered highly culturally relevant.

The site was once thought to be the birthplace of the "Virgins of the Suns," but lately scholars have thought it more likely that it was the large estate of an Incan land owner. Regardless, of what it was used for, it is the most beautiful, spiritual place I have ever been.

Just arrived at the top of Machu Picchu

My friends tramped over to Huayna Picchu, a smaller mountain to climb.  I politely declined, as it seemed like mountain climbing without all the safety techniques, and our guide nicely told us that people often (or maybe sometimes) fell to their death there, and just the week before a man and his tour guide had done the same. 

While they were gone I sat on one of the terraced hills, and I looked out at the lush green mountains at eye level with the clouds, and I thought of the people who had stood there before me 500 years ago.  I thought about what their lives must have looked like, and how they had enjoyed this big expanse of land with nary a thought to anyone else.  They had looked out and absorbed the beauty of earth and the beauty of life surrounding them, just as I was at that moment.

When we left, I felt a huge disconnection from the spiritual world as we re-entered the world of fast track life.  As we were driving down the mountain, a little boy from the village below raced us down, as fast as he could.  When the bus stopped at the bottom, he climbed onto the bus, bowed for a huge applause and begged for money. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Day By The Pool

I'm still working on my Wayback Wednesday post, which may become a Throwback Thursday post.  I've had a lack of time over the last few days. 

Anyway, this weekend we went to my Mom's house, and on Saturday we sat by the pool soaking in sun rays, reading, swimming, and generally watching the kids and nieces and nephews in my life have fun.  My sister came down for the weekend, and my kids always enjoy playing with her kids.

I took many photos, but I took this series of Number Two and Darling Daughter that I just love.  She is warming up to him, after months of not letting him touch her.  Now, every time she walks into a room she says in her cute toddler voice, "Where is Lelam?"  She can't say his "real" name.  She also is constantly trying to copy him now, which is just so funny to me!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goal Post for Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My poor blog has been neglected.  I have been so busy the last couple of weeks, and I have not been writing enough.  I feel I never have enough time in the day, if only I could add an additional six or so hours of "awake" time! 

My biggest goal this week is to finish my Wayback Wednesday post.  I started it last week, and I have not finished.  It's proving to be long, and I have to look through the photo albums to post photos with the story as well.  It will be worth the wait, I promise!

As far as weight loss, let me just say one word: BOO! I'm on a plateau, and my body is clinging for dear life.  Granted this weekend, I did drink in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, and I spent much of Saturday by the pool and eating chips.  Not actually (or ever) food to help you lose weight.  I also partook in a vigorous almost 90 minutes of kisado and TKD, and then I swam for part of the day, wrestled kids, and went home to fall into bed exhausted around 8:30 PM. 

Speaking of Saturday, I took this classic photo of Number Two shaking his head like a dog and Darling Daughter laughing hysterically at him.  It just!!!

This weekend is busy again so blogging may come last again.  I have a goal to blog my Wayback Wednesday post tomorrow, blog some more on Thursday, and then probably be off the computer for the rest of the weekend.  

My other goals this week are to do 50 extra crunches a night.  I also want to add tricep dips, as I'm trying to strengthen my arms and get rid of what I like to call the "lady hanging fat."  Yes, every woman knows what I'm talking about, that fat under your arms that just hangs there.  Gross.  My arms are looking better, but I still wish they were slimmer.  I'm getting there though.  I've crossed so many of my goals off my list this year.  I know I can achieve what I set out to do!

And of my goals last week:

Read: Yes, I read.  I read Train Dreams by Denis Johnson.  I read it in a day.  It's a wonderful book.  I'm still working on Anna Karenina.

Log Onto My Fitness Pal:  Done!

Exercise 5 Days a Week: Let's see, I went to TKD on Monday, Tuesday lunch class, Wednesday night, walked Thursday night, and exercised Saturday morning!  CHECK!!!  WHOO HOO!!! Goals Accomplished!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goal Post Week of May 1, 2012

I'm moving the goal posts back to Tuesday.  I like it here, at the beginning of the week, giving me more to aspire to as I move through my days.  When I post them on Thursday I tend to forget them in the weekend shuffle.

I have a eating problem right now, as in I'm eating everything in front of me.  I don't know why, but all of a sudden my appetite is back with a vengeance.  I think this may come from my new found love of cooking.  When you start to cook again, you can open the refrigerator and imagine the possibilities!

This week I made this yummy olive bread from the Pioneer Woman site:

I know, it has olives in it right? So it has to be healthy for me.  Um, it also has a whole stick of butter, mayo, and a whole pack of cheese! Delish, yum, bad for my hips! So, needless to say, I did not lose my pound this week.  I didn't gain a pound either.  I'm sort of just stuck at my last number, and I still need to lose at least twenty pounds.  I hate feeling stuck.

As for my goals last week, I didn't do such a great job! I think I'm going to carry a sticky note around with me and cross them off the list as I do them.

I managed to clean the bathrooms.  I deep cleaned the two downstairs bathrooms, and we vacuumed and mopped the living room area, de-cluttered, cleaned the kitchen, and that was enough for me.  Son Number One had friends over on Sunday (and we had their parents over!) and so the upstairs looks like it was destroyed by a tornado!

I also made food last week twice.  The family wasn't so appreciative of the salmon I made on Saturday, but I'm trying to add fish to our diet at least once a week.  I'm trying to make what we eat healthier.  Needless to say, the kids may drop a few pounds, because they keep turning their noses up at everything I make! 

My goals this week:
  • Log onto MyFitnessPal (MFP) every day, and be honest with my food intake.  I need to track how many extra calories I'm eating, so I can cut down and lose.  MFP wants me to eat 1200 calories a day, and it seems like so little.  Of course, I can eat more on exercise days.
  • Workout five days a week.  I'm switching to day classes twice a week to be home more at night.  I have to push myself to go in the middle of the day, because if it's a hard workout it leaves me really tired at work.
  • Read.  This may seem like a silly goal, but my reading has taken a backseat to everything.  I'm in the middle of Anna Karenina, and I'd like to finish it before the end of the century.  Plus my writing is not coming along like I wish it would so instead I'm going to find the time to read.  Reading can help aspiring writers!

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