Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday, I picked up the kids from school.  Just Son Number One and Darling Daughter, as Number Two had swimming lessons.

Son Number One hopped in the car, all gangly legs and arms, and no ounce of baby fat on him anymore.  Brief thought ran across my mind, "He's growing up and looking so big." 

He slumped into his seat and lay his head back.  He looked tired, after a busy day at school, and then running at the playground at his after school program.

I started asking about his day, and I received unenthusiastic answers.  Then suddenly he sat up and perked up, looking at me with his bright bluish green eyes.

"Mommy, where does the biggest frog in the world live?"

I looked back at my curly-headed boy in the rear view mirror and said, "I'm not sure."

He smiled a big smile, "In AFRICA!"

I smiled. 

"What's the biggest frogs' name?  Here's a hint, Mom, it starts with a 'G'."

"Hmmm...I don't know.  Guyana Frog?"  I ask.

"No!  It's the Goliath Frog."

He muses for a second, amazed that he knows more than me.  Then he says suddenly, "Ok, this is an EASY one Mom.  I know you can get it.  What's the smallest frog?"

I wrack my brain, looking for the answer.  "I have no idea, sweetheart!"

"Oh Mom.  You know this.  The poison dart frog!"

"Duh!" I say.

Great, I'm being schooled by a seven and a half year old!

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  1. I love this! We always try to learn something new every day! Learning it from a seven year old makes it just that much more memorable!


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