Saturday, November 24, 2012

Running on my Mind

Running on my Mind

I ran 1.5 miles today in 16 minutes 44 seconds.  I didn't feel like I was going to die at all, seriously.  Most of the time, when I start off a run I feel like my bones and joints are going to break and my breathing seems irregular at first, but today it just came.  I just ran, and it felt natural.  It felt amazing.  I wanted to go 2 miles, but I need to build up slowly.

I slowed my pace today, and I think that's why it seemed so much easier to me.  I want to make it to 2 miles, then to 3.  My overall goal is to eventually be able to run a 5K. I don't want to do anything crazy like run a triathlon or a marathon or anything. 

I love running. I love the way I feel when the music is playing in my ear.  I love how I can think about everything and let the thoughts flit through my mind like snowflakes.  Running allows me to let things go.  It allows me to clear my mind, as no other activity ever has.  I feel pure solitude when I run, but not loneliness  That probably sounds cheesy, but that's how it makes me feel.  Hard to explain.

The kids are starting to ask if they can go with me.  I love that they see fitness as a way of life.  I told Number One and Number Two they could run with me tomorrow.  They are looking forward to it.  I know that with them tagging along, my pace will definitely be much slower than it was this morning, but it will be worth it to share my love of running with them.

We're taking the kids hiking today.  They are excited.  We're going to have a picnic first, then hike a little bit. We will go easy, because Hubby is still nursing his ankle.  He does not need to overdo it yet. I remember, when I was little my Dad and Mom used to take us down to the riverfront, near the silo that was once an Amtrak Station and now a restaurant.  There was a playground there with tire swings, and we would sit and have a picnic by the river, play at the playground, and watch the boats as they sped by. 

These are the types of memories I want my kids to have of their childhood.  Memories of togetherness that will stick with them forever.


  1. I predict you will be training for your first half marathon within a year.....running is quite addictive!

  2. It is addictive Kelly!  I really like the way I feel while I'm doing it. 

  3. And kudos to you for getting the kids involved, I am sure they will love it! 


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