Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weight Loss Tips #6: Big Girl Pants

Get Rid of Your Big Girl Pants!
Once you start losing weight, chances are you'll start losing sizes.  This is the real indicator of your actual weight loss, not the numbers on the scale.  Sometimes, you won't lose pounds but you'll lose inches.  This is your body toning and slimming down, and it's a great indicator to whether or not you're meeting your fitness goals.

One of the most important things to do when you start losing sizes is to rebuild your wardrobe, and to get rid of your old bigger clothes.  I think most women want to hold on to their old clothes, because it gives them something to fall back into if they don't make their goals or if they fall off the wagon.  Don't do it, as this is a sure way to sabotage yourself.
Some ideas for getting rid of your clothes: friends, Goodwill, Faith Rescue Mission, churches, shelters.  There are lots of places that take donations, and if you donate to a non-profit you may be able to deduct it on your taxes (I'm not an accountant, so ask yours). 
Getting rid of your clothes and beginning to buy new ones is a whole new step in the right direction, although it can be scary to lose the comfort of your Big Girl Pants!  Because money is a huge issue in my life, I've been slowly boxing up my bigger clothes and getting rid of them, as I add a piece or two to my wardrobe every paycheck.  Also, you can take larger shirts and put a belt around the middle to keep bigger shirts and wear them in a chic and fashionable way until you can afford to re-dress your wardrobe, so to speak.
Getting rid of your bigger clothes will surely show you that you're making a lifestyle change, and it's worth spending on being healthy and maintaining this new way of life that you're starting to live.

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