Saturday, December 22, 2012

Act of Kindness #7

So far, we've completed 7 Acts of Kindness, and I have a few more in the works too!  On Friday, I stopped on the way to the kids' daycare and I ran someones newspaper up to their front porch.  This was thrilling, but almost felt like I was doing something bad like TPing someones house!

We also finished our present to our families from the Volunteer Information Center.  We bought them presents and groceries (the two ladies I worked with shopped two nights until midnight to provide Christmas for these families)!  How amazing!  One of the families came to pick up the gifts, and they were so appreciative!  They hugged us and thanked us about fifty times.  This is what the season is really about. 

Today, I decided to write letters to the soldiers.  I got all the kids in on it, and here is the result!  I added my own personal message in Darling Daughter's message, and Hubby wrote a letter of his own too!

Darling Daughter's letter!
Son Number One's letter to a "solger."
Son Number Two's letter to a soldier.  That's Spiderman by the way.
Our piles of letters will make it out this week, and they'll be put in a care package by Military Missions. They send a ton of letters to soldiers, and they always need people to write them, so why don't you all write some letters and get them in the mail!  It doesn't cost anything, and it will make a soldier's day! 
The address to send them to:
Military Missions Inc.
3650 Boston Road
Suite 146
Lexington, KY 40514
  7 Complete for Emilie Parker, and the other victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting

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