Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weight Loss and Goals for the Week of April 17, 2012

I'm a little behind on my goal post this week.  April 17 - April 22 = Week With TOO MUCH TO DO!!!  I have something every night (except Monday, and that's already passed!).  I can't wait for next week to come, so I can relax a bit.

Last week we had Taekwondo testing, so I haven't had Taekwondo at all this week.  I'm missing it and honestly I feel like a lump, because I haven't had the time motivation to fit in another type of exercising.  I really thought I would gain this week, but I lost four pounds.  I'm down a total of  35 pounds now.  It is so hard to believe. 

Hubby took this photo of me yesterday with Son Number Two, and I can actually see the weight loss.

So, I reached my weight loss goal for last week.  My goal this week is to lose another pound.  My Mom said the break from Taekwondo may have let my body adjust to the muscle build and lose the weight.  Maybe, but I sure do miss my stress relief during the day, and I'm excited to go back on Saturday.

I had another goal last week (that was a typo!): to receive my third degree black belt! HA!!!  That won't happen for awhile, but I do believe I'm going to receive my third level green belt tonight.  I have Awards tonight, and I'll be moving on up.  Taekwondo goal for next week: Remember by green belt form!  We've been working on the Ho Am form, and I really need to re-learn my green belt form!

Writing.  Oh writing, you are taking a back burner in my life. I wrote about 4 pages in my novel this week.  Writer's block?  I can't tell.  I have been blogging, thinking about writing, thinking of my characters, researching on the way people act in relationships, etc, but the truth is I did not produce what I thought I was capable of producing in my writing this past week.  I'm not setting a writing goal this week, because it's unrealistic.  I have too much going on this week.  I'll concentrate on it next week, once we're back to our regularly scheduled program.

Cooking.  Wow, I have found a new love for cooking.  I forgot how much I liked it back in my younger day.  I think it's so fun to create something for the first time and try it.  I'm not much of an "old hat" chef, but I LOVE making new recipes and trying them.  We bought a crockpot, and I think it is the best invention ever for working parents.  I made barbeque chicken in it this week, and then chicken meat for tacos.  Both recipes were great, and will help me contribute more in the "cooking" department.

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