Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goal Post Tuesday April 3, 2012

Goal Post = Football.  This post is not about football though, it's about my goals.  I think, maybe, one of my goals this week will be to sleep. 

I was utterly exhausted last night.  Hubby went out with a friend.  I surfed the Internet, looking at random, mundane stuff, and finally went to bed around 9:30.  Pinterest is such a time suck, seriously.  I could spend all day on there (or night), and it's so visually stimulating.  I digress.  Anyway, I went to bed at 9:30.  I woke up from a dream, in which I thought Hubby was turning off the alarm clock.  I had no idea why he would turn off the alarm clock, because I have work tomorrow today.  Instead, Hubby was doing the one-leg shuffle to the bathroom.  Walking is a lot noisier when you have a cast on your foot, and you have to lean on a walker, or hop places.  He'll make a great Easter bunny this year!  I asked Hubby why he turned off the alarm clock, and he told me he didn't, making me realize it was only a dream.

Then I was laying (lay is the past tense of lie, so I'm using this correctly people!) in bed thinking 5000 thoughts, one of them being how we stillSTILL STILL have not done our taxes.  The other being the 1800 things we have coming up the next couple of weeks: Easter, Number Two's Birthday, a Cake concert, Dance/Ball thingy, Low Country Boil, Taekwondo Testing, Taekwondo Awards, then Earth Day 5K walk, and how I wish my life would slow down sometimes.  Busyness is nice though, because busyness leads to less overthinking, unless apparently it is 3:41 A.M., and you can't fall back asleep.

Anyway--this has become the most rambling post ever, because lack of sleep will do that to you.

I didn't set any concrete goals last week.  I haven't lost weight this week.  My body is still changing and looking better, and I've had a few people compliment me recently on the weight loss.  I can see the change in how my clothes are fitting, even the new clothes my friend so nicely handed down to me! This week, I'm going to lose ONE pound.

Having Hubby out of commission has made me realize how much he does around the house.  I will make a concerted effort to help more.  I will help on the weekends by making a meal every Sunday.  I know I can do this.  I love to cook, mostly only if it is a new recipe.  I like to create and see how it will turn out.  Cooking is sort of like crafting a story.  I can see the creativity in play.  My family is picky though, and when people don't eat what you cook it can make you not want to cook.  Still, I can pull off cooking ONE day a week, and maybe at a later point in time I'll add Saturday to my cooking days.

I'm still managing to workout about five to six days per week.  This weekend Taekwondo is closed for Easter,though, and I wasn't able to go last night so I won't be able to fit in my five day workout.  Oh well, I think I'm doing a good job, and I just really need to try not to be a couch potato at home.  I read an article recently about how sitting more than 11 hours a day can be super dangerous and lead to premature death.  I don't want that to happen, so I'm going to make more of an effort to be up when I'm at home, since I sit most of my 8 hours a day at work. 

That's it for my crazy goal post, this week.  Oh and DO taxes.  Hubby's going to help with that, since he's working from home.  PROCRASTINATION = STUPID.

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