Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Words About the Week

This past week was busy, as usual.  We fit in some fun times though.  Earlier in the week, I was home with Darling Daughter for her tubes.  That afternoon while she was sleeping, I took the boys to our favorite dessert place: Nancy's Italian Ice.  I just love going there, because the owner is always so friendly.  The ice and ice cream is cheap, and provides a nice cool treat in the HOT Alabama Springs (and Summer!).

Son Number Two enjoyed chocolate ice cream with "spinkles."

Son Number One enjoyed a Fancy Nancy (ice cream and ice layered!) with Sour Green Apple and Blue Raspberry. 

I had fun spending this sweet moment with them.

The next morning, Son Number Two woke up early to join me with my early morning coffee.  He found the Star Wars Version of Trouble and brought it downstairs.  He was playing with it, pounding the bubble to hear R2D2 make his silly robot sounds. 

He turned and looked at me and he said, "Mommy, where are the axations to this game?" 

It took me a few minutes to realize he was looking for the directions, not like he could do anything with them because he doesn't know how to read!

I'm trying to make an effort to write down all his cute little phrases.  Son Number One had such good vocabulary development that he didn't really "mess" up words in cute ways like Son Number Two.  I find it funny when something unexpected comes out of Son Number Two's mouth (well usually, unless it's really unexpected!). 

Right now Darling Daughter is obsessed with books.  She likes to sit on Hubby's or my lap and have them read to her over and over again.

This is her current obsession:

 and if you've read this book, you know the title of the book is about the essence of the whole story, and yet we have read it about a thousand times this week!  Still, I love David Shannon, so if you have small kids definitely check out his stuff.  The Pirate books are hilarious, including "Pirates Don't Change Diapers!"

It became obvious Darling Daughter really needed tubes.  Her vocabulary has exploded since Tuesday, so I'm thinking she must have been really having a hearing problem from the ears being so clogged.  She is now repeating sentences and almost every word that is said to her.  Here's a photo of her and hubby in the hospital right before she had the tubes placed in.  Needless to say, she was not this happy for the rest of the day!

Such an eventful week, and next week will be full of activities too.  

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