Friday, March 2, 2012

The Way to Her Heart: Kid Updates

The way to Darling Daughter's heart:

is through an ipad!  My niece was finally able to convince Darling Daughter to sit with her by allowing her to look at and play with her ipad.  My niece has known Darling Daughter since the minute she was born, so you can see how people-phobic she really is!  I love this photo.  We are living in a technology-driven world, and from day one our kids will be exposed to and know and love computers, tablets, smartphones.

This week has been crazy busy, and will only continue to be so through the weekend.  Here is a photo blog to sum up my week.

Darling Daughter has been sick: an ear infection and conjunctivitis (again!).  I took her to the doctor yesterday.  She's on an antibiotic for her eye, for her ears, and ear drops for her ears.  She has decided that medicine does help, and willingly obliged while I dosed her up yesterday.  So, for most of our week, Darling Daughter has looked like this:

She continues to be the most clingy baby in the world.  My pediatrician assured me she will grow out of it, because according to him, "I was clingy like that.  I used to hide behind my parents.  Don't worry--I grew out of it around age 8!"  Seven more years of this just might make me go crazy! Thanks Dr. S.

Son #2 was having a fairly uneventful week.  A good friend sent me some new clothes for him, and he had fun digging through the box trying on every last Thomas shirt!  We had clothes strewn over our den for days.  Yesterday Hubby took him to gymnastics to watch Son #1, and Son #2 fell off the bleachers busting the inside of his lip.  I don't have a photo of it yet, but it looked bad.  In fact, I was out and when I saw it I called my dad in a panic just to make sure he didn't think he needed to go to the ER.  A traumatic event for him.  His favorite phrase is still, "You're my best friend Mommy (or Daddy, or Big Mommy)!"

Son #1 continues to grow up at an alarming pace.  I hardly recognize my little boy anymore.  He has calmed down so much this year, which we are pleased about, but seeing him make such leaps and bounds is bittersweet.  He had Read Across America week at school.  Tuesday was Silly Sock day, and he picked out these socks:

He is excelling at gymnastics, and I believe I will encourage him to stay enrolled as long as possible. He is such a monkey, and gymnastics allows him to use his upper body strength for something other than jumping and climbing all over our couches!  This week, he agreed to clean up for 15 minutes in order to play his DS after he finished his homework.  He didn't even complain.  This is progress!

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  1. They are so cute!  #1 is so tall, when did that happen?  LOL


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