Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gardens of Paradise

This evening the kids were stir crazy.  They needed to get out of the house.  Hubby needed some peace and quiet.  He needed to rest and heal.  I took the kids over to my parents' house.  They love going over there, running and playing, releasing their pent up energy.

My Mom and Dad's house is surrounded by flowers.  Spring has sprung here in the South, and it was a perfect day to snap some photos of the kids and some great scenery.  Mom and Dad were cleaning up the big limbs and working in the garden.  They grow a lot of their food since they're vegan.

Darling Daughter stayed with me, letting me snap photos of her with the flowers.  The boys ran off and played in the dog cages.  Son Number Two rode around in his "Lightning McQueen" car.  He was playing camera shy today, so I really only caught this photo of him:

You can see how tired he was, after having refused to nap.  He's trying to give it up, but his little body is not quite ready.

While the boys played a little bit, Big Mommy, Darling Daughter and I walked around snapping photos.  I'm not good at remembering the names of all the flowers, but they were beautiful, and I just have to share them.
This is a pink dogwood bloom

These are native azaleas

This is my favorite, but I don't remember what it's called.

Afterwards, we all sat in the bench in front of the house, playing with the kids and making them laugh.  The boys were loving the sunshine, but they were so tired and ready for bed.  Darling Daughter hammed it up some more for me!

And Son Number One and Son Number Two decided to let me snap one of them together:

What a fun, beautiful day!  I'm so glad I took my Zyrtec before I went over there!

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