Saturday, March 10, 2012

Superpacked Saturday

Today was a super busy day.  We had a birthday party in the morning, a baby shower in the afternoon, and a spend-the-night guest for Son #1 this afternoon.  I enjoy busy days, but they wear me out.  The weather was beautiful, no cloud in the sky, and buds are blooming everywhere outside in the WARM (70 degree) March sun.  We had no winter, and spring has roared in alighting my allergies, making me sneeze, wheeze, and cough uncontrollably.

We went to a birthday party at Build A Bear today for my friend's daughter.  Son #1 was having a particularly trying day.  He was in his crazy frame of mind, was not listening, and I had to "get onto him" about a dozen different times before the party.
Very Shining-esque.  Also, this photo reminds me that the kid NEVER brushes his teeth.  I must remind him again this week.  I don't want to even think about the number of dental bills we're going to have to pay for in his near future. 

Son # 2 and Darling Daughter were both in wonderful moods.  Darling Daughter smiled for me, as she played blocks prior to the party:
Once at Build a Bear, Darling Daughter reverted to her normal, clingy self though.  She cried when anyone tried to touch her or looked in her direction.  She clung to Hubby or me for the majority of the party, but she did absolutely LOVE her new bunny, Pastel.

Son #2 perhaps had the best day today.  He had a fantastic time at Build A Bear.  He was so excited they had a green bear.  Green is his favorite color, and he wants everything to be green.  Thank goodness for St. Patrick's Day!  We named his bear Patch.

I enjoyed hanging with my friends.  Hubby took this photo of me, and I was surprised by how thin I look.  I still have a long way to go, but I fell off my plateau this week and ended up losing FIVE pounds in one week.  I attribute it to the six days of exercise I'm doing, plus changing it up by adding tennis at least once a week, sometimes twice.  My body now seems content to lose weight.

I tried to go to bed early tonight.  I was exhausted by 7:30, and I crawled into bed and tried to fall asleep.  Hubby kindly agreed to make sure Son #1 and his friend eventually went to bed.  I lay there for a few moments, then I started coughing up a lung.  I ended up waking up to have some water and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I'm tired of insomia (no pun intended).

Someone on an alopecia website I'm a member of posted they wondered if having no nose hair from alopecia universalis made you more prone to contracting pneumonia and bronchitis.  I have to say, it's an interesting question.  Since I lost ALL of my body hair (because, yes, now I am universalis), I have been sick more often.  I had "almost pneumonia" in November, then strep, and now I have bronchitis again.  My natural filtering system is gone, so more junk is traveling to my lungs.  Plus, I have asthma so it could be both factors together just fighting against me.  Who knows?  Interesting to think about.

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  1. Interesting question.......definitely makes sense about getting sick more often as a side effect of not having nose hair (among other possibilities.) You look good!!


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