Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thwarted Thursday

I was laying in bed last night, slight insomnia, i.e., not too bad.  I thought about my blog.  I didn't write my Wayback Wednesday post last night, because I was too tired AND I didn't feel like scanning photos.  I wanted to write about my trip to Macchu Picchu.  I guess I'll save it for another day.

Then I remembered I did not do my goal post this week!  CRAZY!!!  I think this may be one of the first times I've missed posting about it.  I've been off my game with writing this week.  Instead I'm watching the black cloud, which brought chaos and doom into our life last week, slowly roll on by and move out of lives. 

I have lost THIRTY pounds now. Last week, the stress was harming my eating habits.  This week too, I have been reluctant to eat.  I have put food in my mouth and made myself chew.  I had one day this week, Tuesday, where I felt like I could eat everything in sight.  I guess stress will do that to you! 

My soft goal is to lose 20 more pounds.  My hard goal is 30.  I don't know how I'd look at 30 pounds lost.  Everyone tells me I look damn good now!  I can see the loss most in my face.  I'm feeling much more happy with the way I look.  I also have muscle now too, which is incredible! 

Random tidbit for the day, but Mattel agreed to make a Bald and Beautiful barbie.  If you don't remember, here's the link to that previous post. I will buy one when they come out.  I want Darling Daughter to know that some people are bald.  I am a member of the Facebook community regarding this request for a bald barbie:  The woman leading the fight has a daughter who has lost her hair to cancer.

Baldness can be a common denominator among women.  On Friday, I was sitting in the waiting room while Hubby was having surgery.  I recognized a woman who works on my floor at the office.  I've never said "hi," to her before, but I immediately knew her face. 

I sat down next to her and she said, "I guess we're a member of the same club...breast cancer?"

I shook my head, "No, actually I have alopecia." 

We began talking, and we talked to entire eight hours we were there.  I went by her office yesterday (right next to mine), and she gave me her catalogs on wigs.  She brought a wig for me to try on too.  Her hair has begun growing back, as her cancer is in remission.  I loved the fact that our mutual baldness brought us together.  She is older than me, and she is someone I might not have spoken to otherwise.  We had a lot in common, sitting in the hospital waiting for our Hubby's, and speaking about hair loss, family, and life.

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  1. How nice that you two could talk and had common things to talk about. Being there for eight hours is stressful and being able to talk to someone like that sounds like a guardian angel was in your corner!


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