Thursday, March 15, 2012

Floss Makes Everything Better

Yesterday I had an overwhelming day.  The morning was fine.  I did my normal routine and went to work.  Had a meeting all morning until almost 11, then ate lunch, then worked hard and I stopped PROCRASTINATING.  I fielded about ten replies on Teacher Treat Day for Number One’s school.  I dealt with people who told me they could watch a class so the teachers could partake, and then telling me last minute they couldn’t.  I gave up caring somewhere in the middle of it all.  I want the teachers to enjoy their day, but I don’t really need any more emails or phone calls regarding excuses in someone else’s life.  I get it.  I’m super busy.  I work full time; I have three kids, their activities, my activities, and a house to clean.  I’m the epitome of busy.  If I can offer my time, then so can you.  And if you can’t, or think there is a remote possibility you won’t be able to make it, then don’t commit in the first place.

Okay, I know I’m going to show up today and people are going to be spilling out of the woodwork to help at school.  This is the other problem with our modern society.  No one knows how to RSVP!  I don’t get it.  You have a phone, which means you most likely have email capability at your finger tips; just tell me you’re going to be there!  The other problem I think with this particular situation is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.  Too many people have asked to be responded too, so no one really knows who is coming. I will step off my ranting podium now…

At 2, I had a dentist appointment.  I have dreaded going to the dentist ever since 2001 when I had the root canal from hell.  Seriously, it was probably one of the most horrible experiences in my life.  It was much worse than giving birth.  But, yesterday my experience was okay.  You see, flossing DOES work.  The dentist didn’t just make it up!  After having SIX in between the teeth cavities I finally decided to listen to my hygienist and my dentist and give flossing another try.  Well, my teeth did not hurt AT ALL when I left the dentist yesterday and I had no cavities.  Floss; it’s good for you!

Not procrastinating can be so liberating, and I had a great day at work actually completing work.  When I left, the run around began.  My Mom dropped Darling Daughter off at gymnastics with me.  She was watching the boys, because Hubby had soccer last night.  The boys cried, because they couldn’t stay with me.  They are a mess at gymnastics, and Number Two busted his lip there, so it was a blessing my Mom could keep them. 

Darling Daughter and I attempted baby gym, aka “scream fest 2012!”  She definitely does not have asthma.  She threw herself down on the floor in a crying temper tantrum when her gymnastics’ instructor looked at her, and I have no idea why because this man seriously is God’s gift to women!  All the Moms look at him adoringly, but he’s getting married next week so he’ll be off the market!  I think I got more exercise than Darling Daughter, doing the stretches and bouncing through the tubes, all while holding her on my hip.  It’s a shame that Hubby’s soccer class conflicts with Babygym, because she does so much better when she’s with him.  She is way less clingy to him.

Then I dropped Darling Daughter off at my Mom’s, kissed the boys, waved “hi” and went to kisado.  By the time I arrived there, all the stress had built up from the day.  A Mom called about Teacher Treat Day and seriously would not get off the phone with me, just talking and talking.  I was doing stretches in the dojang, with the phone on my ear.  I finally said, “Listen, I’m about to take a workout class, I have to go.”  Then I ranted to my poor TKD friends about how I HATE Teacher Treat Day, and I realized last night that I have to stop overextending myself.  The stress is not worth it.  After kisado, I felt better but it was 8:20 and I had not eaten.

I made myself two eggs, and then I baked black bottom cupcakes for Teacher Treat Day.  I finally sat down around 9:15 PM.  Sitting in the chair felt good.  The day was productive, even if it was stressful, and I believe I dealt with the stress better than I have before.  Poor Hubby did have to run out to buy cupcake holders at 9 PM though, because we had the wrong size. 

This post has become as long as my day seemed yesterday, and so I’m drawing it to an end.  Today will be much less challenging, and I’m excited the weekend is coming soon so I can have some much needed relaxation.

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