Monday, March 5, 2012

Too Many Toys

We had a week of rain and bad weather.  Our backyard was flooded with water, and the kids were restless.  On Saturday, Hubby and I had a full day.  He went to an Auburn basketball game with a friend, and I took the kids up to see Miranda Grace so they could all play with her son.

When we came back, minus one child (thanks for letting him spend the night!), the kids were exhausted and hungry.  While Hubby prepared dinner for the kids, I prepped for my girls night out.  I am in a BAD need of a pedicure, but nail painting would have to do for now.  I painted my nails, and then Son #2 wanted his nails painted and so did Darling Daughter.  Their little toes looked so cute with the pink paint.  Whose toes do you think these are?

If you said Son #2, you'd be right!

Son #2 was proud of his toes, but kept insisting the paint was red instead of the girly color pink.  He is my child who is most aware of gender differences, but still occasionally likes to dress up as a girl!

And speaking of dressing up.  The following day, after picking a tired Son #1 up from his friend's house, the littles were playing in the den.  Darling Daughter decided to dress up and play in a box.  It reminded me so much of the book, "Too Many Toys," by David Shannon.  If you have kids, this is a must buy to read to them.  Boxes often make the best toys:

Son #2 enjoyed the box too:

On Sunday, we decided to enjoy some of the sunshine.  The rain on Friday night had brought in a cold front, so our walk to the pond was rather windy.  My kids have a bad habit of NEVER wanting to wear coats.  Son #1 thinks button-down shirts substitute as coats.  The thermometer said 60 degrees on Sunday, but I swear with the wind it felt like 40!  The skies were crystal clear, and we enjoyed our walk, although it became evident on the way home that all three kids were exhausted and in need of a long nap.  Mommy and Daddy needed one too!

I tried to protect Darling Daughter's ears by letting her wear my hat.  She's still recovering from an ear infection.  She ended up looking like a little grandmother!

Son #1 was pooped and cold, and he found someone's curbside trash to sit on.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a long nap before the craziness of the rest of the weekend continued.  There isn't enough time during the weekend.  I vote for a four day work week!


  1. LOL! Yes, little girl looked like a little grandmother!  What a wonderful looking day for a walk!

  2. We've been so lucky this winter, it has been so mild!


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