Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goal Update: March 6, 2012

I woke up before my alarm this morning.  I lay in bed for a few minutes listening to Hubby, Son # 1 and Son # 2 breath. The bed was full of the men in my life.  Son # 2 made progress this week, sleeping in his bed, and then reverted back to sleeping in ours again. I wonder if there will ever be a day when it will be just Hubby and me in bed?

I didn't really think about my goals this morning.  I thought about how I had a restless night of sleep, and how I'm overbooked for the day.  I thought about writing, exercising, losing weight, and friends.  My mind wandered in a thousand different directions, as it does when I have too much time on my hands.  Finally, I decided to step out of bed to a hot cup of coffee.  Ritz, my cat, was scratching on the door and needed to be let into the garage. The rest of the house is quiet now and hopefully will remain this way for at least thirty minutes.

My goals were semi-achieved this week.  I'm not sure I lost a pound.  I stepped on the scales last night (I usually weigh in the morning), and the scales seemed lower but I need to verify this morning.  I've been annoyed, because the scales are no longer my friend.  Miranda Grace and Hubby tell me I need to chill.  I'm eating right, and I'm exercising and the scales will eventually move down.  When I look at myself in the mirror, I can tell I'm still losing but I like the tangible, the visual affirmation.  We'll see how it goes this week. I'm not discouraged, because I can tell I'm making real progress.  As far as exercising, I'm a lot stronger.  I did 35 leg throws like they were nothing the other day. 

Writing: I wrote every day this week. I worked hard on my novel at the beginning of the week, and I drifted off at the end when things became crazy and chaotic as my life always does.  Still, every single day I managed to blog or to work on my writing.  Now, I need to search for some freelance jobs, or find a way to get published.  Yes, easier said than done.  I want something concrete in my life.  I want to be able to show the world what I can do.  Creating as a writer has value as long as someone can enjoy what you've created.  I do believe that's true. 

Spending more time with Hubby: This week was hard.  We did not spend much time together.  My marriage is lacking in this department.  I had a girl's night out, and rushed around all weekend.  We made time in the middle of the week for a tennis date (see next goal), and that was a lot of fun.  On Fridays, we have our marriage conference each week and this usually turns into a conversation lasting two hours or so.  We have fun talking and laughing during this time, but I'm consciously aware we need to be spending more time together during the week.  Everything always seems to get in the way.

Tennis: Hubby beat me, 6-2.  Honestly, I expected it.  We're playing again today and on Thursday.  I was mad when he beat me.  I cuss at myself when I'm losing at tennis.  I used to be so good, so after a seven year break, it ticks me off that I can barely hit a forehand (somehow my backhand survived, but because Hubby knows it he won't play to my backhand!).  Oh well, practice makes perfect (cliche!).

I know this post has been completely disjointed, and I've rambled on and on.  It's 5:43 AM, and I really didn't have much sleep.  That thinking problem--more on that later.

Goals this week are the same as last week's.

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