Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter on the Beach

This weekend, we all hopped in the car and went down to Panama City Beach for the Winter on the Beach gymnastics' meet.  Originally, only Number One and I were going to go, but I convinced Hubby it would be a fun family trip, and we all went. 

So what did we do there?  We ate A LOT We spent A LOT of moneyWe had a FANTASTIC time. 

We arrived around noon on Saturday, and we ate at Back Porch at Pier Park.  Panama City has grown up a lot since I last visited.  The last time I went was in college, so you know I wasn't so interested in the touristy aspect of the city.  In fact, I don't remember much of that trip and that parts I do remember are too wild to be shared! 

After lunch, the kids wanted to go down to the beach.  We took a detour and paid $9 to walk down a pier first.  Everything cost in Panama City Beach.  Everything is some what of a rip-off.  Once you realize that, you just pay and don't worry about it (until you get home and realize how much money you've spent!). 

Then we went down to the beach, and the kids just could not help themselves.  They ran right into the water, even though the outside temperature was 60 degrees, and the water was freezing!

After our romp on the beach, the kids were frozen solid.  We stripped them at the car, and we put them in their bathing suits (yes, would have been a good idea to have in our bag to begin with!), and then checked into the hotel. 
We all wanted to take a nap, and I did not feel well from eating fried pickles at lunch!  (That will teach me to eat fried food!).  The kids were slap happy though and too excited to sleep, so Hubby took them to the playground and let me sleep.  So nice of him! 
That night, we went to dinner at Reggae J's.  I had a great grilled shrimp salad, and the service was impeccable.  Actually, the service at every restaurant we went to was great.  Montgomery waiters/waitresses could learn a few things from their peers in PCB, Florida.
After dinner, we stopped by Kilwin's, a wonderful chocolate shop at Pier Park.  We ran into Cara, who used to work at the kid's daycare!  She works and lives in Panama City now, and it was a wonderful surprise to see her.  We all had homemade ice cream, and I marveled at the chocolate high heels that Cara's boss makes:
After that, we all hit the hay.  We're such night owls!  The lights were out in the hotel by 8:30!!!
The next day we woke up early and had breakfast in the hotel, then Number One and I headed out to his meet.  Hubby took the other two to the playground to enjoy some time with them (there's no way they would sit through the meet!).  Number One did okay.  He came in 8th All Around.
His scores of the day were as follows:
Floor: 6.6 (usually his best or second best event, but he went out of bounds) -- No Place
Pommel: 6.7 (messed up on mushroom) - No Place
Rings: 9.9 -- Best Event of the Day.  Came in 4th.
Vault: 8.0 -- We'll take this after last meet. His form looked great.  7th Place.
P-Bars: 8.9 -- 7th Place
H-Bars: 8.7 -- 7th Place -- Coach Ken said something about him not being as polished on H-Bars this time.
I told Number One he needs to really work on pommel and H-Bars, and he said, "No, I need to work on Rings.  It's my favorite!"  So funny! The boy knows what he likes, and he excels at what he likes!
After the meet, we met up with Hubby again and enjoyed lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Yum!  Then the kids and I went walking around (because they were restless), and we stopped in a t-shirt shop where I spent a fortune on crappy t-shirts, because the guy talked me into it.  Hubby says I am a sucker, and he is right!!! 
Then we said goodbye to the beach, and by this time all the kids were exhausted, especially Darling Daughter, who hitched a ride on Hubby's shoulders, and I took these priceless photos of her!


Goodbye Panama City Beach!  We had a great time!!!

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