Saturday, February 9, 2013

Completed: One Virtual Run for Sherry

This morning I did the Virtual Run for Sherry.  I wrote about the virtual run for Sherry a few days ago. 
Here I am before the run, in the nice warmth of my car:

I forgot to print the bib from the site, so I didn't actually wear it while running.  I ran in New Park, and there were a ton of runners out this morning!  The weather was a balmy 34 degrees, and I forgot my clothes (that would have been hilarious, but I actually forgot my gloves!!!).  My hands warmed up rather quickly though so it wasn't a problem!
And--I completed my first 5K, even though it wasn't an organized race.  I ran 3.2 miles in 32.58 minutes!  So proud of this huge accomplishment, and I'm glad I did it for a cause.  I kept thinking about running for Sherry every time I wanted to stop, and it kept me going. 
Did you run for Sherry?  If so, post your stats in the comments section!!! 


  1. Great job! Bib or not, you got out there and even did more than you have before. I'm so excited for you! We ran for Sherry, too, it was a great morning!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I'm excited too! I now know I can do a 5K too. How far did you run?


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