Friday, February 8, 2013

Lego Wars

Legos are the thing in my family: specifically Ninjago Legos.  Both my boys LOVE Legos.  They love Ninjago, and they want to collect every single little Ninjago guy that exists.  Let me tell you: Lego is making a KILLING off of parents like me. 

They have the right plan: put the tiny guy (which is really the only thing your kid wants) in a set of Legos that cost between $20 - $200 and the profits will come pouring in.  I think the only place you can actually buy a figure is on  They certainly do not carry them in Toys R Us or Target.  I haven't checked Kazoo Toys, though I am dying to get into that store and check it out, as everyone around has said it's awesome.  I seriously wish I had created Lego, or the idea of it anyway.  What a great money making scheme. 

These little Legos cause wars in my family though. 

My normally adorable sons...

start to become monsters,

artwork found on Google.

fighting over whether they have the red Ninjago or the blue one.  I still don't know all their names, which is crazy, because the show is on in my house every.single.night.  Somehow they know which little golden sword or weapon goes with each little figurine they have.  They both have multiple red guys, but they know EXACTLY which one is theirs, and with Ninjago THERE WILL BE NO SHARING! 

I wonder if Lego knows how many wars they've started in my household.  Also, I wonder if they know how much money they've taken out of my pocketbook.  I think our family has single-handedly funded them this year.

That is all!

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