Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Long Trip

I'm back!  I took a break to go to Nashville to visit my sister and attend a ballerina party for my 3 year old niece.  Good times! 

My other sister came down from Massachusetts, and we had a great time hanging out.  It's always good to get home though, and I loved sleeping in my own bed last night.  I missed writing so much while I was away.  I felt a little directionless.  Now, I have to start revisions on work number one.  Today is the day to begin.  I am a little overwhelmed by the thought of this, but I know I can do it! 

While in Nashville, my sister Kels and I ran around the Greenway.  It's a 3 mile run.  The first time, I did it with minimal walking.  I DO NOT LIKE HILLS!  We don't really have hills in Alabama, and the hills killed me.  The first day we did the run in 32 minutes.  We skipped the next day, and then tried to go Thursday, but my shin was killing me (on my left foot), and I overcompensated by turned my foot a little bit.  So when I go to 1.5 miles, I stopped and let Kels go on without me.  I walked fast, and I still made the 3 miles in 38 minutes, so not bad.  Then I came back to Ali's house, and iced my leg.  I think running is out for two weeks, so I can try to heal it. In the meantime, I'm going to go to taekwondo, work on my strength training and walk.  I'm disappointed, because I was really getting to the point where longer distances were becoming much easier for me.  I'm still going to run the 5K in April.  I just need to let my leg rest, and then hopefully hit the ground running again (pun intended). 

We had an absolutely amazing time in Nashville though.  The twins have grown by leaps and bounds, and they filled the weekend with their smiles and laughter.  The ballerina birthday party was fantastic.  The little girls were so cute in their tutus. 

Number Two and I were able to escape one day and go to the movies.  We saw "Escape from Planet Earth," which was actually better than I expected it to be.  Kels and I took the little ones down to Vanderbilt on a freezing cold day and then we ate SATCO, which Number Two refused to eat because he was obsessing about Subway.  Big Daddy ended up taking him to Subway when we got back to Ali's house.  It was nice being with my sisters and my Mom and Dad, despite the fact that all the kids were just loud and noisy most of the time!  We missed my brother though.  It would have been nice to have EVERYONE all together. 

Darling Daughter and my sister's daughter get along splendidly.  I can't even believe how well they share and how sweet they are to each other.  My Dad described Number Two and my sister's oldest son as a pack of wolves!  I think that was a great description!

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