Monday, February 13, 2012

A Weekend Synopsis

This weekend was so much fun.  I spent a lot of time outside of my little nuclear family.  I went to kisado, followed by taekwondo on Saturday.  Kisdao is a type of interval cardio training used in martial arts.  It kicked my butt, but I was proud of myself, because I only stopped once and I followed through with most of the exercises.  Darn those bicycle exercises!!!  After kisado, I stayed for taekwondo.  I felt energetic afterwards, but also a little sore.  I have done something to my shoulder, but I know it is muscle-related because I could feel myself working it out during class. 

In a side note, Son #1 decided he wants to take another break from taekwondo and do gymnastics again.  He did gymnastics from 3-4, and he's actually quite good at it.  He can do a round off.  He has that little wiry body that is perfect for gymnastics.  Today, I'll be calling around to find a class for him and Son #2 to attend.  I might as well get Son #2 involved at the same place, so I can take them to the same activity for awhile. 

This weekend Darling Daughter demonstrated her blossoming vocabulary.  When I left to go to the movies, later in the day on Saturday, Darling Daughter said "Bye-bye, Love you Mommy."  Melt my heart. 

She also played "Mommy" a lot.  She covered up her baby doll, fed her baby her juice, and then she picked up a baby doll diaper bag, put it on her shoulder, and strutted around.  Too adorable for words.  Her favorite words/phrases are, "Love you," "Please Up," "More," and "Juice."  If I'm on the computer she'll point to the pictures of her father and say "Daddy."  She also says "Caken" and "Lelam" for her brothers.  She's really starting to talk so much.  I can't believe she will be two this year.

We had our first "real" taste of winter this weekend in a cold front that brought wind and way lower temperatures.  We couldn't get outside much, so the boys took the cushions off the couch and built forts.  I remember doing this with my sisters when I was little.  We had these big blue couches.  We called them the marshmallow furniture.  We would open them up, arrange them in funny ways, and have huge forts all over the play room.  I loved watching the kids use their imagination and do something that I always enjoyed doing as a kid.

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