Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog's Day and Movie Reviews

Happy Groundhog's Day.  The groundhog saw his shadow.  Six more weeks of winter.  Bring it on!  We haven't even had one week of winter yet.  I think this is the warmest winter, ever.

I did not write yesterday.  I owe y'all a Wayback Wednesday story.  Instead of writing I was sitting in the blue recliner sick with strep.  I felt horrible.  I felt like I was dying.  I still sort of do.  Strep as an adult is extremely painful.  Not only do I feel like my throat is on fire, but I also have become a victim of the strep rash too.  Apparently this is indicative of scarlet fever, which may cause more general malaise than strep throat.  Yeah, I feel the malaise.  This website say that symptoms may range from mild to severe pain.  I'm in the severe pain category.  No, I'm not just being a baby.  I don't remember strep ever feeling this bad when I was a kid.

My doctor said that the antibiotics should kick in, and I should be feeling better by today.  He lied.  No, he didn't really lie, he just "predicted" incorrectly. 

So, you may ask what have I been doing while sitting on my arse all day long?  Yesterday, I was basically too sick to do much.  Literally walking felt like it was draining the energy completely from me.  I spent most of the day in bed, but I did make it to the blue recliner twice and watched two movies.  Here's my review of them:

Black Swan: Wow.  Intriguing.  I would not watch it again though.  The movie was intense and intriguing.  Natalie Portman does a wonderful job portraying Nina who is haunted by her role of transforming from the white swan into the black swan, Odile.  The music is mystical and disturbing at the same time.  I recommend this movie, but it may be hard to watch more than once.


Catfish: I really enjoyed this movie.  This is a documentary (or faux documentary, who knows???)  done by Nev and Ariel Schulman based on an online relationship that Nev develops with an 8 year old girl named Abby, who begins painting the photos that Nev has taken.  Nev becomes deeply involved with Abby's family, and he begins an online relationship with Abby's older sister Megan.  Things are not as they seem though.  The ending is sad, and I will not delve into it, because it would spoil it for you.  Definitely worth the watch.  I actually liked this movie better than Black Swan.

That was it for Wednesday.  The rest of the day I spent in bed.  I'm trying to regain my energy.  I want to be able to attend taekwondo testing on Saturday morning, so I'm really trying to kick this strep.  The strep headache has also prevented me from being able to read very much, thus no blogging and little reading.

Today, I managed to stay awake for more of the day.  I still feel tired and sick.  I still can't eat without extreme pain.  I started another Words with Friends game today.  I've started two since being sick.  I'm so not good at it.  My brother-in-law is killing me!  I don't ever seem to get good letters.  I'm a whiner.

I wrote back and forth to Miranda Grace.  She enertained me.  Hubby brought me Chicken and Rice soup from Chappy's.  It was delicious.  I stepped on the scales to see that I had lost two more pounds.  That's because I can't eat anything.

Then I watched THREE movies today.  What else was I supposed to do?  I watched these on Netflix, and they are older, but I'm going to give you my review anyway. 

Timer: This movie was incredible.  I'm a hopeless romantic.  This movie is basically about a time when people can have timers implanted in their wrists that countdowns to the day they meet their soulmate.  Oona is the main character, and she has a blank timer.  This means that her soulmate has not had a timer implanted yet.  She falls for a young supermarket clerk who has a four month countdown on his timer.  Again, things are not always as they appear as Oona waits for her timer to show something.  The characters in this movie are so real.  I felt like they were easy to relate to in their search for true love.  It only received 6.5 stars on IMDb, but it is well worth the watch.

Vanity Fair: I love Reese Witherspoon.  I also loved this book by William Makepeace Thackery.  I read it when I was in high school.  My GiGi (grandmother) used to send us leather bound books for our birthdays every year and this was one of them.  This movie is basically about how striving for the materialistic or vain can make you lose everything important, such as love.  The main character, Becky, has a flaw in that she is an extreme social climber.  She puts her family at risk to strive for what she wants, but does not think of the consequences. This movie was enertaining, but I suggest reading the book. It's better.

I Hate Valentine's Day: This movie reunited Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.  (They were in My Big Fat Greek Wedding together).  This movie was also apparently Nia's directorial debut.  I like Nia Vardalos, because she looks like a real woman not fake like so many actresses look.  Still, I thought her makeup was overdone in this movie.  The acting was strange.  I didn't buy the love affair between Nia's character Genevieve and John's character Greg.  The whole premise of the movie was sort of strange.  It's a sappy chick flick, and it was cute but if you want to watch a good movie don't watch this one.

So now you know what I've been doing the last few days.  Thank goodness for Netflix and for free movie channels (for three months when signed up for DirecTV!), otherwise I'd be bored out of my mind.

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