Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goal Update for February 28, 2012

It's almost the end February. Hard to believe. I only had two goals for last week, and I accomplished them. Let's review:

I achieved my weight goal to lose 1 pound. I've now lost 23 pounds total. Despite the one pound lost, I still feel like I'm at a plateau. I haven't lost many inches in the last few weeks, and the pounds are not coming off quickly anymore. I'm exercising FIVE times a week, sometimes SIX, so I'm not sure what the deal is. My close friend, Miranda Grace, sent me an article to read which I cannot find for the life of me that basically said I'm doing everything right! My main problem seems to be that I do Taekwondo for exercise four days a week, but recently I’ve also added kisado as a Wednesday night class and a Saturday morning pre-TKD workout.  Our TKD instructor YELLS “muscle confusion,” during this class, so I would think my body would try to get unused to whatever it’s used to and start shedding pounds again.  I don’t need to become discouraged, because no matter what I’ve come far.  It has taken me a long time to put this weight on, and it will take me a long time to take it off, I guess.  Plus, as my parents love to say, “It’s a lot harder to lose weight after you hit 30!”  Thanks for the boost of confidence!!!

Writing: I’ve been looking at myself as more of a writer lately.  I have been discussing writing with friends, and I’ve been writing EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Some days, as I mentioned yesterday, I cannot stand to get up and write.  Procrastination is my life, so I easily will fall into something less productive than writing.  This week, however, I have found a purpose in my writing.  I began a story/novel/novella (not sure what it will be yet), and I have a plot with a beginning, middle and end.  I have tangible characters, and I have been researching on what they should be doing with their respective jobs, etc.  I have them living in a place where I used to live, and when I stop writing about them for the day, I think about how they are stuck at the bar, or in their house, and they have not finished telling their story yet.  I wonder if other writers feel this way, like their characters are almost living, breathing human beings.  I’ve written fifteen pages, but I jotted down on three sticky notes the theme of the story yesterday, plotted it out with the major characters, and I could barely pull myself away from the laptop to drag myself into bed last night.  This is progress, people!

Goals this week:

Lose 1 pound – This goal isn’t going anywhere until I have completely taken off all the extra weight I’m carrying around.

Write – work on my story every day: develop the characters, write, and revise. 

Marriage – Spend quality time with hubby in between.  Last night, I found myself blowing off hubby so I could write.  I need to find a good balance between my outlets (TKD and writing) and my personal life.  Hubby and I have come so FAR in the last few months.  Our marriage is turning the corner, and I need to make sure to put the effort in that he and I deserve. 

Today – beat Hubby at tennis.  We’re going to swing the rackets at lunch.  I haven’t played tennis since Hubby and I were on a doubles’ team before Son #1 was born.  Hubby and I hit the ball around once last year.  I love the sport, and I used to play competitively, but Hubby is better at it than me.  Still, reach high with your goals, right? 

Oh and just for shits and giggles, here are before and after pictures of my weight loss so far.  I need a full length photo of me, but I don't have one.  Left in the red is Before and Right in the Turquoise is After:


  1. Unfortunately you got lucky and it rained all day.  The forecast for your defeat in tennis is on hold until the rain stops.  Otherwise great job in your weight loss.  I have lost 12 pounds since the new years thanks to your help.  Keep up the great writting.   DH

  2. Woo-hoo!  Way to go on your 12 pound weight loss.  Now, bring on the tennis game.  I'm going to beat you!!!


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