Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taekwondo Testing Saturday

Today was taekwondo testing for Son #1 and me.  We are both first level green belts.  Testing consists of three skill tests: a) form, b) contact skill, and c) sparring.  As you all know, I have been under the weather this week.  I actually woke up feeling GREAT this morning.  For the first day this week, I was able to swallow food without feeling stabbing pain in my throat.  I was super excited, because this meant I could test for my new belt. 

I arrived at school early to warm up.  (Hubby brought Son #1 and Son #2 later, as Son #1's testing was after mine).  Miranda Grace and I practiced our form.  The green belt form is called the plant form.  Then the Master called us all to the floor.  (Hubby arrived around this time with the boys).  We warmed up:

(Yes, thank you to the Hubsters for taking all the great photos, even some that I didn't want him to take!)

Miranda Grace and I are ready to test!  (We did not realize that we were first up, but this was seconds before we were called to do our form):

I did well with my form.  I only was nervous when I had to turn my back to the judges.  That always makes me nervous for some reason.  And for some reason there are no photos of the form, but take it from me it was good!

Then we did our contact skill.  First level green belts have two contact skills: hammer fist and knifehand strike.  We were allowed to choose.  I chose hammer fist because it's the most fun!

Then sparring:
(No comments on the sparring gear!  No one looks pretty wearing this stuff!)

Then we watched the higher ranks spar.  They also broke boards.  Afterwards, we lined up and bowed out:

After I finished testing, Son # 1 had his turn.  He did really well!!!  Here are photos from Son #1's testing day:
Son #1 doing his form

Setting up for his knife hand contact skill



Now we just have to make sure we receive no phone call over the weekend, and if not we're cleared for the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday night when we'll become second level green belts.  


  1. Yay, Lauren and Caden!!!

    Lauren, you look happy *and* wonderful!

  2. Wow, congrats!  I'm really excited for you guys!  What a great way to spend time together while participating in healthy lifestyle activity!  You guys are awesome!

  3. Thanks! I appreciate it! I love taekwondo.

  4. Very cool pictures! One of our friends had their kids (who are now both in medical school) in Taekwondo for all of their lives. She couldn't say enough about how much it benefited them. The kids ended up teaching classes for years as well where they also took classes as well. It just sounds so expensive and time-consuming. I may put my older son in a summer class though...

  5. Aww thanks! Hubby took some very close photos of my face while sparring, and I looked fierce. I opted not to post them because I look so silly with the mouth piece in!

  6. Our instructor started taking when he was seven or eight. It is an amazing sport for so many reasons. It is expensive, but not all that time consuming because usually the classes are sort of flexible!

  7. Thanks Megan!  I love this sport!


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