Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dance Moves

Son #1 has the dance moves.  Not sure where he got them from, as both Hubby and I are dance illiterate! In this video he's dancing to Keane's Bedshaped. I realized afterwards that I probably should have been playing a faster song!


  1. That kid definitely needs a faster beat.  Sign him up for dance classes!  (I know, I know... like you're not busy enough.)  But seriously, we have hip hop classes for kids here.  And if we have them...

  2. I'm sure we have them here, but we only do one activity at a time per kid.  We simply don't have the time (or funds) for more than that!  Maybe this summer, I'll get him into it.  Apparently, the boys have dance contests on the playground during recess!


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