Monday, February 20, 2012


My blog has been quiet for the last few days, but my life has not.  Last week was crazy busy, as life with three little ones, a job, and endless activities seems to be.  The three started gymnastics last week.  Son #1 had been begging me to go back.  Gymnastics is HIS thing.  He is literally a monkey.  Literally.  He swings from everything, climbs everything, and is always doing round-offs.  Well, I decided in the spirit of making my life simpler I'd enroll them all in the same gym.  Simple is just something that my life is not destined to be, however, because each child had a class time on a different date.  So, Tuesday through Thursday I took each one of my children individually to gymnastics, after work. 

Son #2's class was first on Tuesday night.  It was a catastrophe.  I really thought this time he'd be interested (we had tried before in the Fall with no success).  We had visited his new preschool class earlier in the month, and he had walked right in like he owned the place.  Well, at gymnastics he clung to me.  He would not leave my side.  He screamed when the coach talked to him.  His coach was not very engaging, and I think this could have been the problem.  After half an hour of not participating, we left.  I'm taking him back this coming Tuesday to see if he'll join in.  I only had to pay for half the month, so I didn't feel like the money would be so wasted. 

On Wednesday, I took Darling Daughter.  I "warned" her coach that she does not like people.  She doesn't like to be touched or looked at wrong.  Her class is a Baby Gym, so I'm allowed to go in and play too.  Well she participated in the stretching a little bit.  Once the big kids left, it was just us and one other girl with her Mommy.  Dan, the coach, touched Darling Daughter's shoulder and all hell broke lose.  She threw herself down on the mat, screaming, crying, kicking her legs, and sticking her butt in the air.  From then on, whenever he came too close to her personal space, she would begin to tantrum.  She did, however, participate in some of the activities.  She was fond of the balance beam, the tunnel, and she absolutely LOVED the trampoline. 

I knew that I wouldn't have to worry about Son #1's trial on Thursday.  He walked right in and joined the group without looking back.  Afterwards, he said he was happy to have joined gymnastics again and he can't wait to go back.  He did a back bend, swinging on the rings, hand stands, etc.  I do believe this might be his sport for awhile.

After a busy week, we headed up to visit my sister for her daughter's second birthday.  On Saturday, we went to Cheekwood, which was beautiful.  The kids loved it and the weather was so nice.  The kids (and one particular adult) enjoyed rolling down the hill at the end of the visit too.

In the afternoon, my niece had her birthday party.  I think she's the only 2 year old I know who has actually blown out the candle on her cake.  She's a precocious little thing and so with it.  Darling Daughter clung to me a lot of the party, but did enjoy playing with some of the other little girls. 

Yesterday, we had a nice breakfast at my Aunt's house.  We enjoyed seeing the snow fall there too, although none of it stuck.  The boys put on all their warm gear, and then tramped outside to catch snowflakes on their tongue for about sixty-seven seconds before deciding they were too cold to be outside. 

All and all it was a nice but busy weekend.  I'm exhausted now, and the fun keeps on going because I have a PTA meeting to attend tonight. 

I hope to be able to get back to my regular schedule this week in blogging, now that I know Tuesday through Wednesday are going to be so busy, I can plan ahead and write earlier in the week to post on those days.  


  1. Didn't you mean "adult"?  DH

  2. Ha ha!  Actually, I should have written "child."


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