Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exercise is A Way Of Life

Exercise is a way of life, which few of us can afford to ignore.  Obesity rates in the United States are rising.  Our children sit around, inside, playing video games, watching television, stuffing their face with processed junk.  Not even food...just junk. 

Just a year ago, I used to be one of those junk-eaters, couch-sitters, non-exercising morons!  I sat on the couch, and I felt like I'd be okay even if I was overweight.  My children followed my lead.  They became couch potatoes.  They became mindless TV zombies.  And then I made a change.  I got up, off the couch, and I moved.  I stopped making excuses for why I couldn't exercise and I started making excuses for why I HAD to exercise. 

There are tons of health benefits from exercising: extend your life, decrease the chance of heart disease, and lose weight.  But, there also emotional benefits.  Exercise raises the serotonin in your blood.  It makes you look at the world differently.  It gives you an outlet for all the little stresses in your life. 

Most important to me is that my children see me leading a healthy life, and they are starting to follow my example.  After dinner, we used to always sit around and watch television, but now the kids want to go for a walk or a bike ride.  If parents make a change, so will the kids.  They will follow suit.  So put on your walking shoes, and take a family walk.  Make a change to your life today, in order to show your children how they should live their life.  Pass on the gift of health and happiness by living as an example.

Get outdoors: run, swim, walk, just move! 

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