Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Last year I jotted down some resolutions, on the last day of the year, December 31, 2010.  It’s time to see how I performed, and to set some up for this coming year.


Lose Weight
Yes, I put "achieved" in that little box, because I did lose 13 lbs in the last month of this year. 

Write Every Day
1/2 point
Ok--so I started writing every day in December.  Not exactly the writing EVERY DAY of 2011 that I was striving for.  So many I should get like 5/8ths of a point for this, really.

Started in April or May, and I stuck with it!

Overall, I did ok especially considering I didn’t even start WORKING on two of these resolutions until December.  I did have a few more resolutions, but they involved financial things, so I’m not putting them on here.  Sorry—there’s only so much I can share in my life!

My goals this year look a little bit different; similar in idea, but maybe they’re more abstract.  Also, I think they are more attainable and just overall geared towards making myself a better person in 2012. 

Change my lifestyle: Achieve this by eating healthier foods, exercising more, and moving more.

Write every day: This is a hold over from last year, and it will be on all my list from now on.

Be a less selfish person: Be more courteous, help out more around the house, offer to do things for others.

Be more respectful of people around me.  Listen more, act more with kindness and patience.

Be a more loving, caring, and forgiving partner in my marriage.

Some of these, I’ve already started working on.  I just need to carry them over into next year and beyond.  These are not just resolutions for 2012, but resolutions for the rest of my life.

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