Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing and Goals

I often wake up in the morning, and I think, "What in the world am I going to write today?"  Sometimes it's hard to come up with material.  Sometimes random thoughts pop in my head, and I just blog about them.  I enjoy writing, but it is a discipline.  I have set one of my goals to write every day.

Sure, I'd also like to do more than just blog.  In writing every day, I'd also like to work on the novels I have never finished.  I'd like to write some short stories.  I'd like to maybe figure out how you go about getting published (even though I've heard it's hard and sometimes not worth the royalties you make!).

I often feel like I am my worst critic.  I will write something, and then I will ditch it thinking it's not good enough.  I have a bad habit of telling myself I can't do something.  Recently, I stopped this negative self talk, because if you think you can't do something then you can't do itYou have to tell yourself that you CAN do it. 

Tell yourself to take that ginormous leap of faith.  Use that twenty seconds of bravery to your advantage to do something that you maybe didn't think you could do.  I'm often surprised at what I actually can accomplish. 

This year, I'm changing.  I WILL stop the negative self talk, and I WILL be more positive.  I WILL focus on my goals every single day, and I will achieve them.  I'll look back at 2012, and I'll think that's the year I made a change to become a better person.  I'll realize that I actually achieved that goal in my life, and I'll feel satisfied.  Maybe, I'll even finish a novel this year or publish a short story.  Who knows? 


  1. I envy those who can write and do so with purpose (ie: a novel, stories, etc).  I think 2012 is your year!

  2. Thanks!  I hope so.  It takes a lot of self motivation!


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