Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Day with One Son

I had a wonderful day, just me and Son #1 yesterday.  Having one child seems immensely easy after playing defense with three children most days.

Son # 1 woke up late, around 7:30.  I let him sit in front of the television while I blogged.  I figured that might be the only time in the day he'd have some nice quiet time to himself.  We all need that, right?  After "Spectacular Spiderman" (pronounced "Spi-cal-cular" if you are a seven year old boy) ended we  I bundled up so we could go out in the cold.  (Son #1 refuses to wear his winter jacket at all, so he just put on his blue and white jacket that is getting too small).  I took him for a haircut at Sports Clips.  He giggled when the lady used the clippers.  I wanted my video camera, because he was being cute.  They cut off all his curls. :-(  His hair now looks brown.  He likes it short though, so instead of keeping myself happy I let him do what he wanted.  Sometimes, as a parent you have to do things like this, cut off all the curls.

After this, we went to my Mom's house.  (I love my Mom.  She is amazing.  She does so much for me.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without her in my life.) We were going to go look for wigs at this place down near the Coliseum, but their wig experts were not there.  I had a friend who went down to some place near Norman Bridge Ave. the other day to look at the wigs, and she said they had a ton.  We decided to go there.  Stepping out of the car, we were greeted by a chicken wing.  Walking in, the place was enormous, a big Beauty Supply Store.  Son #1 almost stuck his head in one of those rotating heaters.  He's always getting too close to things like that!  The wigs they had were not my style.  We walked around, and we walked out. 

Mom drove me to Chappy's so Son #1 and I could have a nice lunch with Hubby.  I'm telling you, so much can be done when you only have one child with you!  Son #1 was silly at Chappy's, but sweet too.  He laid his head on Daddy's arm and acted adorable, and talked with his baby voice to the waitress (which he finds cute, but honestly I usually find annoying!). 

I snapped this picture of his full-on craziness:

After that, Mom took us to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some house decorating shopping.  Son #1 could not get enough of these little bath displays that had frogs on them, nodding their heads!  He thought it was hysterical. 

Then, we went to see "We Bought A Zoo."  I liked this movie.  There is a concept in the movie, that 20 seconds of pure bravery can change your life for the better.  I believe this is true.  Any major decision is made in about 20 seconds.  It took me about 20 seconds to hit the "Publish Post" button on my "I'm Bald" post.  That took courage. Son #1 was a little antsy during the movie.  I believe it was a little too old for him, but later in the day he told Hubby that it was his favorite part of the day!  He cuddled up to me a lot during the movie, putting his head on me, hugging me.  I was happy, content, with life at that moment and feeling immense love for my child.  There's nothing like the love of a child.

After the movie we went home to relax for awhile.  At this point, I think we had been out of the house for five hours!  I thought Son #1 would fall asleep on the couch.  He did not!  We went to Tae Kwon Do, and I had all intentions to video tape Son #1's form, but there were about 50 kids in his class yesterday and so I decided to wait for a less crazy day.  After that, my parenting duties were over for the day!  Hubby swung by to pick up Son #1, so he could get a good night's sleep for school today.

What a nice mental health day!

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