Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Weight Loss Update: January 24, 2012

I have lost 19 pounds.  That’s almost, but not quite, 20 pounds.  By the end of January I will have lost 20 pounds.  I’m on my way there.  Here are some items that weigh 20 lbs: an automobile tire, a sack of potatoes, and one of my children at a year old (on average).  Yeah, I’ve lost a whole one year old…almost.  I only have two more one-year olds to lose.  I guess that’s appropriate, for every childi gave birth to I put on twenty pounds.  Really that’s incredible to think about.  Thank God I didn’t have more than three!

I was not particularly good at achieving my goals this week.  In fact, you could call me a slacker.  I did lose 3 pounds instead of the 1 pound goal I set for myself, but I think that was due mainly to the 24-hour stomach bug that I had.  Overall, I did well with my eating habits, except for my dinner and drinks with Sis, Bro-n-law, and Hubby on Saturday.

I did not clean the bathrooms.  I hate cleaning the bathrooms.  It seriously takes me about ten minutes to do this chore, so why do I dread it so much?  I’ll tell you why: I live in a house with 3 boys. Boys are disgusting in the bathroom, and I’m left cleaning their pee off the floor and their poop from the inside of the porcelain throne.  I’m supposed to hire a maid once a month and she can clean the bathrooms but until then I’ll have to do it.  Hubby DID clean the guest bathroom before people came over on Saturday.  Thanks for that!

Leg throws are the bane of my existence.  Okay, that was fairly dramatic.  I’m exaggerating.  I’ve been known to do that from time to time.  I think I did leg throws maybe three times this week.  I don’t feel horribly about that though, because I made it to taekwondo four times this week and we did a lot of aerobic workout, push-ups, leg throws, and sit ups so I know I had SOME strength training.  Hubby on the other hand: he was just being lazy! 

Push-ups took the same route as leg throws.  This week, I think I’m going to make my goals more attainable.

Goals for the upcoming week:

·        Four Days of Taekwondo

·        Don’t get sick – in reality I have no control over this, but I don’t want to be sick this week so the power of positive thinking is going to help me achieve this goal!

·        Clean the bathrooms – hold over from last week.  This will be done!

·        20 leg throws – These are here again, but I’m removing push-ups.  Hubster will be happy!

·        Lose 1 pound totaling 20 pounds total lost!


  1. I hear ya about gaining 20 pounds for each kid you have...that's what I did....and how much I need to lose too! Unfortunately, I had four kids, not three, lol! And about the toilet, omg!, I know what you mean!! Congrats on the 19 pounds!11

  2. You can lose it! You just have to set your mind to it. That was the difference this time for me--I realized that I really am in control, and if I want it bad enough it will happen! Don't even get me started on the toilets. I think I'm going to tackle them tonight!

  3. Reagan Bergstresser-SimpsonFebruary 10, 2013 at 5:55 AM

    Keep on going!! Congrats! :D


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