Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Have New Hair!

My Mom and I went shopping for new hair the other day!  We bought my third wig.  Hubby snapped a photo of me wearing it tonight:

I'm pretty fond of the color.  Actually, I think it is the best color choice that I've made, so far.  I've learned a lot of things about shopping for wigs since my hair began falling out again.

                                               1. More expensive is not always better.
                                               2. Human hair is pretty and looks real, but it is hard to take care of.
                                               3. Wig shampoo is important and so is conditioner.
                                               4. Wigs are not sweaty and hot like they used to be, but when I       
                                                   start wearing a new one my head always itches for a couple of days.
                                               5. When you're born a natural blonde, then maybe you should pick a
                                                   lighter, blondish color to match your skin tones.
                                               6. It's really fun to change my look whenever I want to!
                                               7. I look best with short hair. 
                                               8. Tape is not necessary as long as I do taekwondo au natural!
                                               9. Synthetic wigs don't like heat. 
                                             10. Human hair wigs don't mind heat, but they don't keep their style.

This is probably WAY more than you've ever wanted to hear about wigs.  Wigs are a big part of my life these days.  I mostly only wear them to work.  I'll wear them on the weekends if I'm going out at night, but during the day I just put on a hat over my bald head.

Speaking of bald heads. Hubby shaved mine COMPLETELY today. Not a hair left. The little brownish/blondish fuzz was driving me nuts. I think it looks so much better.

Ok, the perspective in this photo is odd.  I didn't have anyone in my immediate proximity who could snap the photo, so I just threw my hands up over my head and took a photo of my bald head.  Actually, I think this photo is so cool, because despite being bald I've never seen the top of my head.  It looks to me like I need to go do some bald sunbathing so that it matches my skin tone a bit better!  

Anyway, back to the new wig.  It's funny the comments that one receives when they just show up with new hair on one day.  This is what I heard from my friends and co-workers (they all know I have alopecia areata, by the way):

-Wow Lauren, did you get new hair? Now, how many times a day do you hear this?

-Did you color your wig? No, because wigs are chemically treated, and they can't be colored.

Upon going to taekwondo, then changing to go out with a friend: I went into the dressing room bald and came out with hair on.  One of the girls said, Now, I definitely cannot do that when I change!

I changed hair at lunch and my co-worker says, It's like you came in as one person and went and had a total makeover in just one hour!

People just


  1. Thanks Hot Mama. Acceptance is the hardest part.

  2. I love your new wig!  It is the best one I've seen on you so far.  I also am so proud of you for going without the wig so often.  I really admire your self-confidence. 

  3. Thanks Stacy!  Yeah, I like it too.  It's so much fun to be able to change my style whenever I want to!

  4. I LOVE this one!  I agree, it's the best one so far.  I am really glad you've chronicled your journey in your blog.  I have learned so much from your writing, more than just about the condition, but about confidence and acceptance.  Now I'm thinking I want that hair style!  :)

  5. Lauren, I love it! The color and style are perfect on you!!


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