Saturday, January 7, 2012

Socks and Coco

This weekend, Son #1 brought Socks home from school.  Socks is a blue sock monkey.  He gets the distinct pleasure of spending a weekend at each child's house throughout the school year.  Socks comes with a journal, and Son #1 will write in the journal describing the adventures he has with Socks over the weekend.  Oh, what fun!

Last night, I went out to dinner and drinks with a friend, and I left Daddy with the task of taking photos of Socks doing fun things around our house with the kids.

First, Son #1 introduced Socks to Son #2.  They appeared to have hit it off fairly well:

Then all three of the kids got in on the action:

Then, Son #2 decided to introduce his monkey Coco to Socks. 

They quickly became best buddies:

Aww, Socks and Coco, a new friendship forged!


  1. This was a fun little project. I need to take photos of his journal and post them. It is so cute. Next up: Jupiter project!


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