Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Goal Check-up and Setting

It's that time of the week again for me to look at my weekly goals from last week and set them for this week.  I'm a day behind because of the holiday. 

Here were my goals last week:

1. Taekwondo 4 times this week -- this may be a bit of a challenge this week, as I have a PTA Board Meeting on Tuesday.  Accomplished, including a killer workout on Friday!
2. 75 Crunches a night  I did this every day, except for last Friday.  I could barely move when I got home from taekwondo!
3. 20 Push-ups a night  Done.  I can tell I'm getting stronger. Still doing just knee push-ups, but I managed to do a few "boy" push-ups the other day quite easily.
4. Lose 1 pound.  I did not make this goal this week.  I stayed the same.  I'm disappointed in myself, because I started the week off great, and then I made some bad food decisions over the weekend.  The weekend kills me.  I need to focus on what I do and what I eat on the weekends, so I can keep losing weight.
5. Help support Hubby while he tries to quit smoking. Be kinder, gentler, and realize that he is not perfect (none of us are). I'm not sure how well I did at this.  I tried to be supportive, but it is really hard when you have a spouse who does something that you know could possibly kill them.  He knows I hate it, and I am sometimes verbal about it.  I don't like when the kids see him smoking and tell me about it.  I don't know how he is doing with it, because we didn't talk about it this weekend.  I just hope he can find the strength to quit, for himself.

Okay, so overall, not a bad week.  I feel like I just really blew it over the weekend.  We had a small get together with friends and now there is junk food all over my house.  I'm either going to feed it to the kids and let them get really fat, throw it away, or give it away.  If you know me, and you want some chips or brownie bites, just let me know and I'll bring them on over!

In other exciting news, Hubby has been doing the crunches and the push-ups with me at night.  Go Hubby!

Here are my goals for this week:

1.  Taekwondo 4 times this week -- basically this will be on my list every week.
2.  20 leg throws a night -- watch out, these KILL, and we will be doing these at TKD too.
3.  25 push-ups a night.
4.  Lose 1 pound.
5. And the obligatory non-weight/exercise related goal: Clean the toilets.  (Yes, I'm hoping if I put this here, then I'll actually do it!)

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