Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flash Fiction Fun

Every week, I participate in two flash fiction contests.  One is here:
The other is:

I love these Flash Fiction contests for several reasons. First off, people it's like a creative writing assignment, with a very small (tiny) word count.  Secondly, it's so neat to read how other writers use the prompts. Given certain words and photo prompts, people can come up with so many different stories. 

Micro Bookends is always a challenge for me, because you have to get across the point of your story in 90-110 words. No verbosity there.  For this week's contest, I had to use the word, "club," at the beginning and, "foot," at the end.  The photo prompt was of a foggy cemetery.

So without further ado, here's my entry for this week:

Savior (110 words)

“Club it!”

“It’s already dead.”

The fog rose from the cemetery, and the boys stood there shivering in the briskness of the night.  Hendrick’s Spiderman pajamas were short-sleeved and goose bumps rose on his flesh. The boys had stumbled across the cat, laying under a cross that read, “SAVIOR.”

Brains spilled out of its head oozing like toothpaste from a tube.  Hendrick leaned down, the sickly sweet smell of blood reaching his nostrils made him want to gag.

“It’s still warm.”

Anxiety gripped the boys with its vicious claws.  Suddenly the shadows behind the trees did not look so innocent.

“Let’s go,” Hendrick said, kicking the cat with his foot. 

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