Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12th Anniversary of 9-11-01: We'll Always Remember

Today is 9-11.  It has been 12 years.  Seems so long ago, but I remember it like yesterday.  I was living in Washington D.C. at the time, and was at work checking out the new on Washington Post's web page, when I saw the picture of the first plane going into the Twin Towers. 

I remember telling a co-worker, and she turned on the news on the analog TV in her office.  We all watched in horror as the second plane went into the building.  We watched in horror as people jumped to their death, instead of succumbing to smoke inhalation.  And we watched as the towers began to collapse, aware of all the lives inside that were ending.

I went back to my desk, shaken by what I had seen.  We were deciding what to do.  I worked for a small credit union, but we were in a government building, and it was clear at this point it was a terrorist attack. 

My Mom called, "Lauren, they've hit the Pentagon!  You need to get out of there.  We are under attack."

"Mom, I'm at work."

"Go home.  Lock your doors.  Don't go anywhere.  Move back to Alabama." (I took her advice on this, albeit years later--the moving part that is).

About this time the CEO decided we would close, and he sent us all home.  Hubby, who wasn't hubby then, had my car so I went home with my friend Kristin and waited for him to pick me up. 

Driving into D.C., the streets were deserted.  Strange to see a place so normally bustling,  completely empty.  We turned towards our house and a tank came rambling towards us.  There were soldiers on the street, like we now lived in a war zone.

In the days that passed, the U.S. came together.  Everyone put up flags.  We vowed never to forget.  We vowed to be ONE nation together and put aside our differences for the sake of common good.  We'll never forget the horrific attack on our nation and the lives lost.  I'll never forget this gaping hole I saw in the Pentagon every time I passed it on the interstate:

The fight against terrorism is never done.  Terrorists at home and terrorists in other countries, but we can do something to combat this evil.  We can use all diplomacy measures we have available, instead of rushing off to war like we're the world's policemen.  We can let the UN lead efforts to help in places like Syria, and take our lead from their suggestions, instead of the other way around.  I was happy to read, an hour ago that Obama wants to try his hand at diplomacy in Syria again.  After all, what's the point in getting involved in another country's Civil War?  And won't this bring more terrorists knocking on our front door? 
Just some thoughts on this 12th Anniversary of 9-11.  

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