Friday, May 17, 2013

Motivation Revisited...Again

I've always had problems with motivation.  In high school, I think I studied a handful of times.  My Dad and I would have yelling, screaming matches, as he would try to have me do my homework downstairs at the breakfast room table, just trying to make sure I got it done. I usually did finish it, with a lot of huffing and puffing. 

In college, I was self motivated, mainly because my goal was to stay as far away from home as I could.  I was in Washington D.C., and I was loving life, and my ability to stay there hinged on me not failing out of school.  I did it, pulling off a 3.75 and figured out how to set attainable goals, but still when I left school I was an idealist and somewhat thought things would just be handed to me.  I didn't realize you have to work hard for everything you want.  What you put in is what you get out. 

For a long time I was afraid.  I still am, some most days.  Afraid to succeed, afraid of rejection, afraid to love, afraid to get to0 close, afraid to lose.  But you can't live your life being afraid.  You have to take that initial step, that risk; in order to succeed you have to risk failing first. 

Son Number One is a motivated kid.  After getting used to (and hating homework), he now studies his times tables in the car.  He works hard at gymnastics.  He'll work extremely hard to earn points to get rewards.  He inherently *knows* how the system works.  I wish I had at age 8, but I was lost in my make believe world, busy playing with my imaginary friends and living in fantasy land.  Some days I still live in fantasy land.  Fantasy land can be a wonderful diversion, but it won't get you anywhere.  You can say: I'm going to win the lottery, but if you never buy a ticket then you definitely WILL NOT. 

Sometimes when things don't go my way I start acting like a petulant child.  Maybe everyone is this way.  But I start to drive all the motivation out of my body.  All I want to do is sit on the couch and be lazy and ignore everyone.  I have to fight super hard against that to get myself back in the game.  This week I got back into the game.

I risked, and I won a little bit, and I lost a little bit.  Here's what happens when you take a risk:

  • I motivated myself to stay on MyFitnessPal, and I lost 3 pounds
  • I started editing my book again.  I sent out to another agent.  I wrote some words.
  • I received a rejection, but it was a nice rejection encouraging me to keep working on my second novel and sending out to other agents. 
  • Despite feeling lazy yesterday, I left the house and cycled 5.5 miles.  I burned 314 calories.
To me, setting the goals and motivating yourself is worth taking the risk.  What's the worst that can happen?  If I never submitted my book, or finished my book, or even started writing my book then NOTHING would happen.  But, because I finished a novel and started submitting it, I'm getting feedback, and even if that feedback is negative it's encouraging me to keep at it: to follow my dreams.  It's showing me that I CAN DO THIS!!!  Take a risk, and you will succeed.  Motivate yourself and you will get there. 

Do Nothing, and you will get exactly that: NOTHING! 

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