Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little Blurb on Being a Mother

Being a parent is the hardest job.  I never understood people who said, "Oh, you don't work?" to stay at home Moms.  Stay at Home Moms work harder than anyone else I know.  They have to entertain children, and keep them functioning throughout the day, answering all their demands, feeding them, holding their hand, being there for them.  There's a huge reward at the end of the day though, when your child climbs on your lap, all grubby hands or knobby knees and looks at you and says, "I love you Mom."  There is nothing in the world better to hear.  A child equals unconditional love.  The love a child has for his mother or father is the love he searches for in a mate later on.  Why?  Because it is completely unconditional.  A mother loves you no matter what. 

My kids made my Mother's Day so special this year.  Hubby was out of town.  He went to visit family.  I'm used to being spoiled rotten, so I was actually a little sad I wasn't going to be able to sit in bed and just hang.  Instead, I was pampered by my kids.  These three little hooligans made my day:

Before we went to Dunkin Donuts for a decadent treat, I told the kids I needed to shower.  I think every mother has been there, with the kids right outside the shower door, screaming something to you.  "Mommy, I have a boo-boo!"  "Mommy, my Ninjago guy can fly!"  "Mommy, Mommy..."  and you say, "What?  I'm in the shower," and the kid just says, "Mommy," because all they really want is your attention.  As I was showering yesterday, I thought about poor Octo-Mom.  Yes, sometimes my mind wanders to strange places.  How in the world does she ever shower, as a single parent with 8 small children?  I shudder to think about what her bathroom experiences must be like!

We had our trials and tribulations this weekend.  Overall the kids were good.  Darling Daughter is so sweet, until about 7:30.  Then, as Hubby says her 80 year old smoker voice erupts, "I am not going to bed!"  She is determined she will get her way. She stands her ground and looks at me, and she thinks she will win!  I told one of my friends the other day, she reminds me of a vampire, "She turns into some evil creature at night, despite being so happy and loving during the day."  I am stubborn too, so you can imagine the battles we had.  I won this weekend though.  I had to put her in the room with the door locked.  I hate doing this, and in fact I remember when I was little I used to babysit a mother who did it and thought it was awful!  This is one of those "ah-ha," moments where I can actual feel her pain from years ago, with a child who won't go to sleep.  Last night she was only in her room for ten minutes before she decided she would pee on the potty and then sleep in the guest bedroom.  She doesn't like her room for some reason.  Most nights, she ends up as my bed partner. 

This too will pass.  Just like her standing in her chair last night at dinner, stuffing chili mac in her mouth, and saying, "I have to pee." I look over, and she's just standing there, legs spread apart, pee streaming down onto the wooden chair.  I made her finish her dinner, and then I cleaned her up.  She told me she wanted a bath, but they had already had two baths that day.  I said no.  Smelling like pee when you're 2 isn't a big deal. 

But mostly, I derive joy from them.  I love Number Two's laugh and his too loud voice.  I used to have a too loud voice, and I remember my Mom always telling me to be quieter.  He is a good listener, and he sleeps in his own bed.  He has the best imagination.  He loves to play in Darling Daughter's dollhouse with me at night.  He is the "big brother," who happens to be Spiderman. 

And then my first born.  He will always hold a special place in my heart.  The one who made me a mother.  We were playing with our neighbors this weekend.  They have a one year old, and she kept pushing the little toy lawnmower up the hill and getting it stuck.  He went and brought it down and patted her head, and she smiled at him and started following him around everywhere.  He loves little kids.  He's passionate and self-motivated. 

I love my kids.

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