Friday, January 11, 2013

Goals: What Am I Achieving?

I thought today would be a good day to re-examine the goals I set at the beginning of the year (11 days ago!). I don't think I'm going to keep a weekly goal section anymore, but I am going to update my yearly goal progress, and add more goals as the year progresses.

The first two weeks of 2013 have been hectic, and they'll continue to be through February.  It's Number One's meet season, so we will be traveling almost every weekend until the end of February (plus I'm throwing in a few trips to see my darling nephews too!).  Busy!  I like being busy though.  The busier the better.   

I'm only going to update the goals that I've actually worked on and not whine about why I haven't accomplished the ones I haven't started! 

So, as far as my goals, here's where I am:

  • Run 315 Miles this Year: I've run 5, but RunKeeper says I've run 3, because one day I accidentally set the program for walking instead of running, and I can't find out how to change it!  I think I'll be able to make this goal easily, as I've really incorporated running in my life now.  I'm even getting Number One involved.  He ran 1.38 with me yesterday (he's a faster runner than me, but he doesn't know how to pace himself yet). 
  • Finish My Novel: I am almost there.  I have 56,000 words down on paper.  I know that's a ton.  When I read Stephen King's book, On Writing, he said the goal for your first novel should be 80,000 words, but I'm not quite sure if I'll get there, as this book has a purpose, and I'm drawing to the end already.  I'm thinking it will be about 65,000 words, so I'm fairly close to finishing. 

  • Live in Kindness: This is a new goal.  It wasn't on my original list. This goal is inspired from the #26Acts movement that I began doing in 2012.  I'm stuck on #14, but I feel proud that I've made it that far, and I know some other opportunities will present themselves.   I want to live in kindness every day though, respecting other people, realizing that giving to others is what life is all about. 

So that's that.  My life is a full plate, and I love it that way. 

Reach for your goals, and you'll achieve them. 


  1. Start with baby steps.  Maybe one goal a week.  A 5 Year Plan would be overwhelming to me, but this year I made the goals above and then some financial goals.  I try to look at my goals once a week to see where I am, and if I can do something differently to achieve them.  I do think being goal oriented helps you feel like you have a purpose and keeps you driven through life. At least for me, it makes me happier, but yes they HAVE to be Attainable!!!

  2. Maybe that's been my issue over the years....I don't really have plans/goals like I should. You know...those people who have a 5 year goal...I'm not one of those. I feel like I just try to stay above water, lol! That should be my goal when I start to plan next year's resolutions....make reasonable attainable goals!

  3. Give us an update on the novel sometime. Include more on the plot. :)

  4. Mike-No spoilers on the novel.  You'll just have to read it when it's a bestseller! ;-)


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