Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Goal Accomplished: Finish my Novel

Check one off my list for 2013, I finished my novel yesterday!  I am psyched, but now the real work begins. I sent the work to a few of my close friends and relatives for their constructive feedback.  I know I have a lot of grammatical issues to clear up, because let's face it: when you write something that's 230 pages you can't always be perfect.  Plus, I'm sure there are holes in the story, and plot clean-up that needs to be done in the second revision.  Still I'm glad to have it done.
Some of you have been asking what it's about and simply put: it's a love story with a little bit of a tragic twist.  I'm not sharing too many details, because I want y'all to read it when it's published (even if it takes me the rest of my life to do that). 

So what am I doing now?  Am I still writing? Yes.  I started my second piece of work last night, an idea that popped in my head one morning while writing Untitled Novel #1.  Idea #2 is a different story line, a very different plot than Novel #1, even a different genre. I'm meddling with the notion of making Idea #2 a short story, to try to submit to some online publishing companies in order to gain some recognition.  I'm following Stephen King's advice to start the next piece of work while some trusted friends are reading your current work, then put it aside for six weeks, and go back to do revisions when you're not so attached to your characters or the plot line, or where people's advice (even constructive) doesn't make you want to throw up.

Next: I need to research publishers, and then I guess I need to start the submission process.  I know it is difficult to get any work published these days, but I really want to try, as this has been one of my dreams my entire life. 

I started writing stories when I was 7 years old, never finishing, but always writing.  I have stacks and stacks of notebook paper and old printer paper filled with stories I began and never finished.  I used to write about these little boy triplets, and then I wrote about the Civil War, something I was completely fascinated with as a child.  I grew in my writing as I grew into myself.

It is simply an amazing feeling to accomplish one of your dreams. 

I have achieved one of my life goals, and that is an incredible feeling.

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