Monday, January 14, 2013

Acting in Kindness Every Day

I've had a hard time coming up with more acts of kindness to do lately.  Since I've started being conscious of being kind, my whole mentality has changed, and I do things randomly that I never would have done since I began this project.

Over the weekend, two opportunities presented themselves:

Act #15: One of my high school friends emailed me over the weekend.  She asked if I was running, and she told me about this cool iPhone App called Charity Miles.  Basically, this program gives .25 cents a mile to a charity that you choose from their list. So on my first run of 2 miles, it gave $0.50.  They do this by finding sponsors for the miles that you run. 

I chose the Feeding America charity from their list, because I absolutely hate that there are children in the U.S. who still go to bed hungry at night.  The app sent me an email confirming that my .50 cents will provide 4 meals to hungry people in the United States.  Pretty neat and a simple way to give and get motivated to run.  I just have to remember to turn it on every time I'm running.
Act # 16: Hubby and I took the kids grocery shopping on Sunday to pick up a few goodies before the Patriots game.  When we were leaving, I walked around to buckle Number Two into his carseat, and I noticed that someone had left a whole meal on the ground, just deposited their trash in the parking lot.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I hate litterers.  How hard is it to walk the 500 feet to the trashcan in front of the store, rather than leave your trash to dirty our nation or for someone else to step in? I picked it up and walked it to the trashcan, throwing it away.  An easy, free act of kindness, and maybe someone who saw me picking up trash will think before they litter. 
What acts of kindness have you done lately?  Feel free to share in the comment section.  


  1. Oh, I hate when people litter! It seems everyone just throws stuff out their vehicle window onto our road all.the.time! It's a huge pet peeve when someone I know even considers dropping something somewhere besides the trash! So glad you picked it up...I'm sure lots of other people just walked past it! It was nice of you to donate to the hungry too...

  2. Usually it's just 25 feet to the garbage can, not 500, and people can't manage to make it that far. I end up doing the same thing as you. My theory is that if people don't see litter, then they are less likely to litter. 


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