Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Find Your Passion

I just spent half an hour searching the house for my iPhone headphones.  Half an hour.  My guess is that one of the little people who live with me has taken them.  I used to have two sets, so if one was misplaced (as is often the case in the disorganized world I live in) I'd have the other pair to wear. 

I finally decided it was getting too late in the morning to run and that looking for my headphones was not productive.  I needed them, because I'm doing this training program on RunKeeper and today I was supposed to do an 8x1 run: 1 minute Steady then 1.30 minutes Slow, Repeat 8 times for a total of 20 minutes.  I needed RunKeeper to tell me when to slow and when to go "steady."  I'm going to have to search the kids' rooms tonight, find my headphones, and then run.  I have to stay on my schedule.  It's my goal for the New Year.

One of my co-workers told me about a Kid's Marathon that W K Upchurch is sponsoring near us.  I went on the website yesterday, and I registered Number One (without asking him--how's that for parenting?).  I think this is such a great idea to get kids active.  They run or walk the first 25 miles on their own, leading up to the race day.  There's a sheet that can be printed off and filled in to show they've completed their 25 miles.  On race day, they (along with one parent) run the remaining 1.2 miles.  They receive a medal and the satisfaction of knowing that they've "completed" a marathon.  Such a great idea!!!  I'm excited to take Number One out running with me now. 

And speaking of Number One: He finally received his ultra-expensive gymnastics's uniform, and boy was he proud of himself!  He claims this is a Level 5 uniform.  He's a Level 4, but his coach says he will definitely move up after this season.  He can pretty much already do the back handspring.  He's just perfecting it.

And yes, the muscle pose is his typical pose.  So proud of my guy and how far he has come over the last year.  He's really found his motivation, and has made himself happier.  When you have a challenging child, you always worry about their mental well being.  I'm starting to worry less and less about Number One, as I see him dedicate his life to a sport he loves, making good grades, and starting to make the right choices. He's found his passion in life. I'm just wondering how the 8 years passed by so fast.
I remember when he was 6 months old telling my Mom I couldn't believe how fast the time went by, and she laughed at me and said, "You'll be saying that in a minute, but he'll be 20." And she's right.  Time moves too quickly to waste even a minute of it not doing what you love.  I've realized that this year, and I've poured my heart back into writing.
What's your passion?

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  1. It's crazy how fast time flies! Your kiddo looks very cool in his new uniform!!


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