Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm a total slacker.  My blogging has dropped to maybe once a week.  I've found a whole new love of cooking and that takes up a lot of my time.  Let's face it, crap like Facebook and Pinterest take up a lot of my time too!

This weekend went by quickly.  Son Number One and I did a 5K for his school on Saturday morning.  I'm not a runner.  I'm really not a runner.  I actually hate running with a passion, and I have no need for it in my life.  Son Number One told me he wanted to run that whole 5K.  I think he would have done it too, if he hadn't decided before the run to walk into the fish pond with his chucks on.  He learned about friction, and not in a good way.

My house doesn't normally have that taupy color going on.  Boy, I love Instagram!!! This is Son Number One and me prior to the run!

Run Forrest, Run!  Number One left me in the dust, and I had just crossed the "Start Line!"  I had fun chatting up his teacher while we ran, and I stopped, and we ran some more, until I pooped out and just started walking.  I am not a runner!

I caught up with Number One near the Water Station, about halfway through the walk.  He was walking slowly and saying his foot hurt.  The conversation went sort of like this:

Number One: My foot hurts so bad.

Me: That's why I told you not to walk in the pond with your shoes on, because it will cause you to get a blister.

Number One: IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THAT.  It is a scab on my foot that came open.

Me: Number One, when you get your socks and shoes wet, it causes friction, and rubs against your skin thus forming a blister.

Number One: It is not a blister.  I just want to go home!

We walked back up to the school.  They had a blow-up slide, and I thought for sure when he saw that he'd want to stay, but he bee-lined it for the car.

He put himself in the carseat and took of his socks, and he said, "Oh yeah, it is a blister!  Well, I was just trying out the water to see if it was warm enough for us to swim at Big Mommy and Big Daddy's later today."


  1. That face is priceless!  Hope he learned his lesson!

  2. Pretty sure he did.  Poor little thing!


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