Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grinch

Today the Montgomery Advertiser posted an article about Thyno Zgouvas' light display.  For those of you who live in Montgomery, if you’ve never seen his light display you are truly missing out.  In years past, he choreographed the lights to automatically move with the rhythm of the Christmas music.  Watching it in awe puts you into the Christmas spirit.  The man is truly a genius.

This year will be different; however, since some of the homeowners in his neighborhood raised a ruckus about how they thought the light display was “disrupting the peace.”  How silly is that?  These people need to find some enjoyment in life and stop always looking for the negative.  Mr. Zgouvas spends a lot of time putting this display together, because he wants to show others how much joy he finds in the Christmas Season, and then something as stupid as a Homeowners' Association has to come along and squash it! 

Come on!  Get in the Christmas Spirit!  Don’t be such a Grinch!


  1. We brought our youth group up to see his house last weekend and were disappointed to see what it was reduced to by his neighborhood Grinches.

  2. I know. We are going to go by and see it today. I'm so sad about it, because every Christmas we enjoy going to see that house.


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