Saturday, December 17, 2011

Going on a Date!

Hubby and I rarely go on dates. We have a faithful babysitter, and the kids have wonderful grandparents who are willing to watch them, but still we rarely go. We are mostly homebodies.

Last night, we went to my boss' annual Christmas Open House. We make a point of going to this every year. It is always fun. She always has plenty of wine and beer! She does this party with her daughter, so there are people of all different ages there, and in general it is an eclectic mix.

The Hubster displayed his Christmas tie proudly (as seen above!). This particular tie was bought by Son#1 at his school's Christmas Sale last year. It is about two inches too short, and if you push a button on it you will hear a little melody called "Silent Night!" I thought it was both wonderful and hilarious that he was wearing it. He is not one to put himself out there, and I was really proud of him.

We arrived at the Christmas party, and immediately everyone is drawn to the tie. I think that tie played "Silent Night" about nine or ten times! The party dwindled down early this year, and we decided to leave around 7:30. By this time, several people had already had too much to drink, and their hands were just itching to push Hubby's button. So, we walked out the door enraptured by that wonderful Christmas song.

Hubby really wanted to eat hibachi. My boss always has food at her party, and we had already eaten a little bit, but I acquiesced and we went to one of our favorite hibachi restaurants.

We sat at the table, recalling the times of our carefree youth when we would eat hibachi at least once a week. This was BC (Before Children), of course. We had a wonderful dinner, talked, and really reconnected with one another. I limited myself to sushi, since I did not want to go all out, as I have been trying to get back on the wagon as far as exercise and food consumption go.  Hubby had the fillet mignon hibachi, and he quite enjoyed it. 

After our little dinner, we went to Publix to pick up a few items we had run out of during the week.  Important things: Creamer for Coffee and Oatmeal.  (Oatmeal is the biggest breakfast time hit in our house, and it is enjoyed immensely by Son#2 and Darling Daughter.  Son#1 prefers Honey Nut Cheerios.)  At the grocery store, Hubby's Super Shopper personality came out!  He does the grocery shopping in our family, so he knows what aisle everything is in.  Not five minutes into the store, he said I was walking too slow!  I told him to try walking in high heels, so he literally took off his shoes in the grocery store and tried to fit into my size 9 heels.  Granted, his feet did not fit, but he has a much better appreciation of what wearing heels is like!

After we picked up our miscellaneous items, we headed to the cash register.  Our cashier got a huge kick out of Hubby's Christmas tie.  She listened to "Silent Night" as we paid.

Then we headed home to our warm hot house (it was 70 degrees yesterday!) and our wonderfully asleep children.  As we headed home, I realized that we needed to do this more often.  Get out of the house together, reestablish our relationship with each other, be together without the constant interruptions of the children.  I wonder where our next date will be?


  1. Wonderful night out and so important for you both... Your mom told me she was going to babysit for you... You are very lucky to have that..Very well written Lauren... Keep up the good work...enjoy your holidays, love always, Aunt Karen and Uncle Banana Santa!!

  2. Date nights are very important! You're not just parents, you're spouses too!

  3. True. I think it's easy to forget that with such a busy schedule sometimes! It's nice to slow down and enjoy each other's company!

  4. You two look Marvelous!!!
    Lane and I were, and still are homebodies, except when we are travelling the world.


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