Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Update: Since It's Been an Eternity

I did 2 miles today.  On my way to meet my challenge for the week.  One of my biggest complaints is I'm so slow.  I complained to my sister yesterday about that, via text, and she said don't worry about the speed, worry about the mileage.  Speed will come if you run more.

She's right.  Today I did an 11.23 minute mile and then a 10.21 minute mile.  The whole time I was complaining to myself.  Does anyone else do this while they exercise?  I swear, everyone in the world tells me I'm too positive, but when I exercise I am negative to myself!  I tell myself, "This is stupid. Why am I running?  I hate running!  I hate exercise."  Maybe it's getting past that negativity that gives you the runner's high?  Who knows!

I felt good when I finished today, and I know I'm going to put myself out there!

In other news, Darling Daughter and I are going to see Disney Live on Thursday night.  I can't wait to have a date with this little cutie:

Not the big guy on the right.  That's her Uncle who recently came to visit.  Darling Daughter is so funny lately.  She tells me about a hundred times a day, "Mommy, I love you.  Mommy, you're my best friend!"  Melt my heart!  She still has short hair, and when anyone comments on it she says, "Don't worry--it'll grow!"  I guess she's heard me say that about a million times.  She is still in love with flip flops.  They are her favorite.  I bought her new ones last week, and we were walking out at Eastchase, and every person she would see, she would say, "Don't you love my flip flops?"  There's not a shy bone in her!

Number Two is doing fairly well too.  He is loving soccer this season.  He was just in an off Broadway production of Bugz, where he played the star roll of Firefly.  He had four lines, which he recited dutifully, but without a smile.  He looked like he might throw up from nerves for most of the play!  He continues to listen and be the most help out of all the kids.  He's always willing to help out, and he is usually our most laid back child, but boy, can he throw some fits!  He has a loud streak in him, and he will scream and shout, sometimes when he's just trying to talk to you.


And last, but not least, is my biggest one of all: Number One.  Number One will celebrate his double digit birthday this year: how time flies!  He came in 3rd all around at the Alabama Men's State Gymnastic Meet. His team came in first.  He continues to excel at school.  He is a daredevil, and he's always getting hurt.  He recently ran into a parked car on his bike, and he had a black eye for about two weeks.  He can be so sweet to his sister, Darling Daughter, and he can be so sweet to us but he also suffers from the Mommy Temper (same temper I used to have!).  Overall, he's doing so well and I'm so proud of him.  He shows me every day how disciplined and motivated he is, and he is an inspiration to me. 

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