Sunday, March 30, 2014

Young Adult

Young Adult.  That's where it's at.  I went to see Divergent last night.  I'm in the middle of the second book, almost done, and there is something intriguing about young adult dystopian fantasies. 

I told Hubby last night, "I think I'll write a Young Adult trilogy about a war, a couple in love, and some sort of conflict.  Then I'll get it turned into a movie, and we can be millionaires." 

"Go for it!" he said. 

And I will.  I need to.  I've been blogging again, which is good.  I haven't really been writing.  I've been trying to set exercise goals and get myself back in shape.  I've been trying to spend more time with my children--giving them the best part of me.  Those are all important, but so is achieving your goals. And I need to stick to my writing goals and not get away from them.  There was one part of last year where I was writing about 5,000 words every day, and writing only gets easier and better if you do it often. 

I've had my head stuck in a book this year, but not in writing a book. 

I'd love to work on a great trilogy, go through about a thousand rejection letters and then get it published.  I'd still like to e-publish my work, but honestly I'm not sure I have the time to market it the way an e-published book needs to be marketed.  I simply am not connected enough, and I don't know enough people to have them review the book and send on to other people they know.  E-publishing is tough, because so many books are published every day, and only the books that are actively marketed earn money. 

To me writing isn't about earning money, but how great would it be to be able to make a living at doing something you love?  That's my overall goal, even if it takes me better than 20 years to do.

Plus, I'd love to have this guy play the male lead in my movie, and maybe as an author's bonus I could rub my hands all over his chest:

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