Friday, March 8, 2013

Running: On the Mend

I've been altering my workout schedule some this week, trying to get in some running to build up again.  I decided after my shin hurt  when I ran 1/2 mile that I needed to build back up (like I had to do when I first started running).

This week, I went for two runs, and I can tell that the lack of running for a week has thrown off my pace. I'm going too fast, and I know I won't be able to maintain the speeds when I do my 5K in April. 

On Tuesday, I ran 1.10 miles in 8 minutes 58 seconds.  Ok, I really don't think I did that.  I think the GPS on the app I use (Endomondo) was messed up.  But, I looked at the time when I began and when I ended and I'm pretty sure I ran an 8 minute mile or maybe 8 minute 30 second mile.  I stopped, because I started feeling a twitching in my shin, and I was worried about overdoing it. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, high in the 50's. Oh if only every day could be that glorious!  I decided to go for a run in the park at lunch.  I tracked 2.05 miles in 17 minutes 2 seconds.  This time the GPS was pretty much spot-on, so now I know I am running too fast.  The good news is, my shin did not hurt at all!  I have been religious about icing it lately, and I know this is helping a lot.  Now, on the other hand, the muscles around my Achilles tendon ached almost the entire run, but I think that was from doing Latin Funk the night before!

Running Goals for this Upcoming Week:

  • Get in at least 3 Runs
  • Build up to 3 miles or more
  • Pace myself (try to do a 10 min./mile for longer distance)
  • If the shin is feeling okay: do a long run -- 45 minutes

Hopefully I can achieve these goals.  I'm feeling a little puny at the moment, and I'm hoping I'm not getting the gunk that seems to be floating around my office...and my house.

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